My last trip to Syria

The situation in Syria is still very surreal. Like a bad dream stretching on and on and on.

Photos from my last trip to Syria in 2005. It was so alive. So crazy. So beautiful.

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On August

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The Most Timeless Songs of All Time

Polygraph took a look at data from Spotify to create a list of the most timeless songs of all time (from the 90’s). Number one on the list: Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

It’s a pretty cool analysis. Check it out.

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How to Get the Career of Your Dreams, According to Science

Having a fantastic career doesn’t require an act of magic. It requires lots of hard work, patience, and some psychological tricks and tips. The best part is that you don’t even need a self-help book! There are some scientifically-sound tips and tricks that can really make all the difference:

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ElMorabba3’s “Mokhtalefeen” Music Clip… More Ingeniousness by Jordanian Art Team

I just saw this new video for ElMorabba3’s “Mokhtalafeen”, and it is absolutely insane. A mix between Kafka, Ender’s Game, and Pina.

Cast: Shireen Talhouni & Basel Sulieman Writer: Muhammad Abdullah Director: Dirar Shawagfeh Director of Photography: Ali Saadi Producer: Majd Hijjawi Choreography: Shireen Talhouni Production Designer/ Special Effects Makeup Artist/ Wardrobe Designer: رند عبدالنور Art director: Abed Jarekji Bald cap application and consultation: Sleiman Tadros Tailoring: Lorean Ghawi Editor: Eyad Hamam & Dirar Shawagfeh Visual Effects: Ahmad Shamali & Eissa Abdelnour Colorist: Serene Issa Gaffer: Qusai Harb Grip: Ihsan Al-Baqa Grip: Ammar Al-Bayk


A Sudden Whiff of Childhood: Crown Hotel, Amman

You know when you’re drowning with work, wrestling with the same thing for days and days and days and days. That’s the kind of mood I’m in.

Then today, while staring at my screen and wrestling some more, and out of absolutely NO WHERE, I got the sudden taste of the fries I used to eat at Crown Hotel when I was a kid. With a lot of salt, pepper, and ketchup. The taste was so specific in my mouth that for a minute or two, I could even smell the pool’s chlorine and the sunscreen.

Absolutely crazy, isn’t it?

I was really young, maybe 9 or 10. I was so young that I don’t have the slightest clue where the hotel was/is located, georgaphically speaking, and I’ve been driving in Amman for well over ten years. I haven’t thought of these memories since I was a kid.

I did a quick search and didn’t really find anything online, except in this shady website that has probably not been updated since 1998.

Seriously, check out a screenshot:
crown hotel amman

Is that room with the leather chairs supposed to be a bar?

The human brain is CRAYYYZAY.

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