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Hey Summer – Where Art Thou?

The weather in Jordan is one of the few amazing things about living in Jordan, so uncharacteristically chilly whether in the END OF JUNE is really not cool. Where’s the heat at, yo?

And yes. This is post is like a space filler. Or a placeholder. I feel guilty that I haven’t been consistently blogging, but I don’t have much to say these days.

Except about the weather.

The weather is awful, I tell you, awful.

13 degrees is just not cool even in Spring. What the hell. I want to sit in the garden at night, and I want to sleep with my windows open, and I want to wear a skirt.

Yalla, summer?

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The real reason why Jordanians are so angry all the time

The ugly white neon lights that everyone insists on using in their homes.

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The End of Reading

Books seem endless, don’t they? And books are endless, I guess. There are always new books being written, authors self publishing, new ideas coming up.

The non-romantic truth though is that the majority of books are crap. Achieving the mastery of writing is no easy task, and a fantastic book is harder to find than an authentic Gutenberg Bible. So, good books are quite limited, and very celebrated.

Unfortunately for myself, I can now say that I’ve read to the end of my favorite genre… science fiction and fantasy.

The end came as the result of a systematic ravaging of the genre. I’ve gone through many, many lists, and read the books listed title by title. NPR’s 100 Best Fantasy and Science Fiction books. Hugo Award winners and runners up. Nebula Award winners. Random lists on Amazon and GoodReads. Random recommendations.

Around the end of last year, I reached the last few “Popular” titles that I’ve left to the end of my genre journey, and for the most part, they have been consistently crap.

How the hell do you go back to reading “normal” books when you’ve spent a decade with astronauts, elves, and alien races?

I don’t know.

And I’m really sad.

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On May

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Keep Makan’s Doors Open

Makan is one of my favorite spaces in Jordan.

Help keep their doors open by supporting them on Zoomall.


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