Saudi Eye Roll

Start noticing how women who grew up in Saudi Arabia all have the same eye roll:


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Gluten-free, organic, bullcrap

Here’s a post on Gawker on why you shouldn’t believe everything you read about “what’s bad for you”.

STOP CUTTING SUGAR OUT OF YOUR DIET. I’ve been attending a lot of food events these days, and I cringe every time a mother upturns her nose and says that she doesn’t allow her little children to have any sugar. THAT IS SO MEAN. Yes, sugar is bad for you, but the World Health Organization has guidelines that you and your family can follow to consume just enough. You can also read this long and detailed article which investigates whether sugar is toxic. From the article:

It’s one thing to suggest, as most nutritionists will, that a healthful diet includes more fruits and vegetables, and maybe less fat, red meat and salt, or less of everything. It’s entirely different to claim that one particularly cherished aspect of our diet might not just be an unhealthful indulgence but actually be toxic, that when you bake your children a birthday cake or give them lemonade on a hot summer day, you may be doing them more harm than good, despite all the love that goes with it. Suggesting that sugar might kill us is what zealots do.

HUMANS HAVE BEEN CONSUMING GLUTEN FOR THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS, WITH NO PROBLEM. So many people I meet these days are on gluten-free diets, citing “intolerance”. As a person who has suffered from an actual food allergy my entire life, I find it upsetting that people don’t appreciate having a healthy body. MODERATION, FOR GOD’S SAKE. Here is a genius New Yorker piece on gluten:

For many people, avoiding gluten has become a cultural as well as a dietary choice, and the exposition offered an entry ramp to a new kind of life. There was a travel agent who specialized in gluten-free vacations, and a woman who helps plan gluten-free wedding receptions. One vender passed out placards: “I am nut free,” “I am shellfish free,” “I am egg free,” “I am wheat free.” I also saw an advertisement for gluten-free communion wafers.

I would like to go on about the other sort of carb-free, organic, “natural” fad diets that people are subjecting their bodies to, but I think you get the point.

Eat well, exercise, follow scientific dietary guidelines, and you’ll be fine. Or a truck might run you over tomorrow. Or you may die from pollution-induced cancer. Or you may have bad genes.


Fad diets

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اهل السلام

Toot Ard

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How to Set a Dining Table

One of the first things I ever learned in my life was how to set a dining table. My father taught me the correct way to arrange utensils when I was barely 6 years old, after which it was always my responsibility to ensure that the dining table was set properly. He took dining etiquette very, very seriously. Oh, yes, he did.

After my father passed away in 2008, we stopped having many formal dinners, and there was never a need to set a table. Then, a few weeks back, I was setting the table for the first time in years when I had an awful realization: I’ve forgotten where things go. I couldn’t remember what my father taught me. Isn’t it amazing that you could forget something you learned so young, and that you did hundreds of times?

So I quickly googled it, and here I am sharing the correct way to set a dining table with you, in memory of my dad, who had a zero-tolerance policy for bad dining manners.

Here’s how you set a dining table:

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Magic GIF that changes every time you blink

This is so cool. Blink and it will change.

Via BB

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CHINA IS INSANE: The Wild and Crazy Orange Bro Story

Seriously. It is.

Just read this crazy account of Orange Bro and a guy with a stolen iPhone.


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