An Open Letter to الناس اللي بغزو بالدوار الأول

The title is the title I found of a draft I wrote in 2009 but that I never published: “To the people taking over the First Circle”. Funny now, because the First Circle area has been a wasteland of junk and shit for the past several years.

I’m in a very nostalgic phase of my life, in the season of migration, again. Almost every single one of my friends has just started the trip to greener pastures in the world.

I lived through this season twice in my life before. The first time, I was one of migrators, moving to Amman after life in Saudi Arabia, and I had to build my social network from scratch. The second time, I was on the other side, a nester. I had to make new friends and acquaintances after the vast majority of my friends moved away from Jordan after we graduated from university.

I’m 30 now, and the cycle is starting again. But I’m too old for this shit. Ahh, the various forms of 3rd world problems.

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Chlorine-soaked book pages

It was always one of my favorite things in the world. A book covering my face while lounging under the hot, hot sun. My nose buried in pages that smell like chlorine and salt water, dog eared, wrinkled like wavy sand dunes. The sound of crashing waves mixed with a plot line. Pinning the wet book for a week under a mound of hardcovers to try to salvage it back into straightness.

I am not one to romanticize books over e-readers. I love my e-reader more than I love a lot of (arguably) very important things.

The only instance when I miss physical books is when my Kindle is safely tucked away at home, protected from the elements and splashing kids of the beach or the pool. That’s the only time I miss a book.


بتونس بيك – طرب عالحطب (Batwannes Beek – Tarab 3al 7atab)

To quote Jana Zeineddine, this video goes out to those who love what they do, and do what they love.

What’s YOUR story?

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(Trailer) بتونس بيك – طرب عالحطب (Batwannes Beek – Tarab 3al 7atab)


Kazdara: Jabal Al Weibdeh Art Walk


This is a really awesome event happening tonight in Jabal Al Weibdeh, 6:00PM till midnight.

From the event page: “For years now, Jabal Al Weibdeh has been the heart of Jordan’s creative community. A community which continues to grow each year with more artists taking up residence in the neighborhood, opening up studios, galleries, and creative spaces. In an effort to celebrate the thriving creative nature of Jabal Al Weibdeh, Malahi Entertainment Inc. is organizing KAZDARA, an annual Jabal Al Weibdeh Art Walk. All participating galleries, studios, cafes and organizations are given the opportunity to open their doors to the public for an eventful night. The goal of the walk is to create awareness for the creative work being done in the neighborhood, giving artists and organizations the chance to display their work to the general public.

Here’s the event page.


اعلان ابو كرتونة

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