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The Best Pizza in Amman

So, I’ll tell you a secret.


I LOVE pizza with all my heart and all my soul. There almost isn’t a pizza place that I haven’t tried in town, including non-pizza places that server pizza.

Ladies and gents… the best pizzas in Amman.

1. Pizza Rania at Il Pizzaiolo
Many of the items on Il Pizzaiolo’s very expansive menu are excellent (with the only disgusting item I ever tried there being the sea food pizza. Don’t try the sea food pizza– it tastes like an old, frozen ocean). Yet, nothing comes close to the work of art that is Pizza Rania, which comes with delicious fresh mozzarella, arugula leaves, and pomegranate seeds. It is really, really amazing.
Also try: Pizza Zafer, the bresaola pizza, the buffalo mozzarella pizza, and don’t you dare try miss out on the burrata.

pizza rania at il pizzaiolo

2. Mushroom Pizza with Pepperoni at Luigi’s
No one does basic pizza as well as Luigi’s. Their simple pizzas are just perfect, with great dough, good cheese, and super fresh mushrooms.
In my experience, there other pizzas aren’t as good though, so stick to basic.
Also try: Spinach pizza


3. Mediterranean Pizza at La Calle
La Calle has excellent crust, perhaps the best crust on the list. It’s crunchy, chewy, and slightly oven-charred. The Mediterranean Pizza (which we refer to as “pizza il jneineh” because it tastes like all the ingredients come from grandma’s pantry) is super delicious.
Also try: Arugula pizza

la calle

4. Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza at Barmony
A very simple pizza that really brings out the rich, creamy taste of buffalo mozzarella. It’s a square pizza and much thicker than other pizzas on this list, but still very delicious!
Also try: Vegetarian pizza

That’s it.

For those of you who will mention Pizza Il Reef, Pizza Joe, or Pizza Lovers, I have one thing to say: You’re stuck in the 90’s, honey.

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The Best Burger in Amman, 2015

ali and sama at brisket

The best burger in Amman these days is the gourmet burger at Brisket. It isn’t a cheap burger, but it’s so good it doesn’t matter. The husband/wife team really know their smokey business. Ali, chef/owner/smoker, is like Seinfeld’s soup Nazi. He cuts and spices his own beef, and you really should listen to his recommendations.

What I love about Brisket is that it’s a hole-in-the-wall. I love that you can count the menu items on one hand (brisket, burger, brisket on burger, steak, and wings). I love how involved the husband/wife team are in the business. I love their crazy working hours (7:00PM to 11:00PM).

Best. Burger. In. Amman.

Hands down.

What to try:
Personally, I like sharing half a gourmet burger and half a brisket sandwich with someone, to get the most yum factor possible. I always leave Brisket with happy birds chirping in my tummy. Ask for the homemade mayo, not always available though.
Where to find: Brisket is next to Abella Shmeisani


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What should I eat today in Amman?

What should I have for dinner today in Amman? My least favorite question. You see, one of my biggest problems in life is that I never know where to eat. My friends never know either. It’s always an annoying game of what do you want — no, what do you want. It is REALLY ANNOYING.

So… Ladies and gentlemen… Behold! A little tool that can make the decision for you. Just click on the wheel and enjoy.

All options are my personal food picks, with several mentions for my top 2 places: Luigi’s (affordable, consistent, and superfast) and Il Pizzaiolo (the BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD). Yes, that’s playing with luck, I know, but it’s MY WHEEL. Other options included have very specific suggestions, like the kani salad at Sushi Studio (cause everything else there isn’t very good, and I want your tummy to be happy). Most of these places can feed you well for under 7JDs.

If you have any suggestions, I am happy to add them if I like them too.


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Food Box: Amazing Fusion Food at Amazing Prices

I LOVE it when a restaurant goes from “just okay” to “oh, my God this amazing”.

The first time I tried Food Box, I really enjoyed it. It was nice and simple food, but I was far more impressed with the cool packaging than with the food itself.

So when I walked into the new Food Box Abdoun branch, I was expecting the experience to be pleasant, but you know, just that. After all, the average item costs less than 4JDs, and anything good in this city is damn expensive.

Then we sat down and the chef started preparing the dishes.

HOLY CRAP. It was the best food I’ve had in ages, and I am not exaggerating. The vegetables were so fresh and full, and I could taste the good ingredients.

food box jordan pasta

The first thing we tried was red penne pasta, which is such a difficult dish to perfect in it’s simplicity. I’m more pesto than tomato with my pasta, but I enjoyed this plate very much. The tomato sauce tasted fresh and tangy with the basil, and the penne was perfectly al dente.

food box jordan meat noodles food box jordan chicken

Next on the menu was squid ink pasta with beef and chicken (separately, of course). Both platters were rich with freshly-chopped vegetables, and the squid ink pasta tasted quite distinct. Interesting for sure, but this was the dish I enjoyed least, because everything else was just amazing.

food box jordan fish

The chef served us this delicious fish platter with garlic rice. I have no idea what it’s called on the menu, but OHMYGOD. It was so damn delicious I was craving it already an hour later. I’m not sure what the sauce is, but it just tasted so unique and rich. I especially loved the strange velvety texture of the batter.

This tiny platter tasted like a fusion of Chinese, Cajun, and English fish and chips. If you like sea food, you must try it with the garlic rice on the side. The presentation was great too.

food box jordan ravioli

Finally and last on the list was another item I loved. I honestly can’t decide what I enjoyed more, the fish or this delicious, freshly-made ravioli.

You see, I LOVE spinach ravioli, but I HATE it when the spinach loses its texture and becomes a lump of greenish, mis-shaped something. That’s usually the case with spinach ravioli in Jordan, because it’s frozen. Spinach is a beautiful plant, but it has to be fresh to be beautiful. I mean, how disgusting are frozen spinach safaye7 (Arabic pastries)? They just lose the texture.

This is what makes Food Box’s ravioli amazing. They make it themselves and ohmygod… every bite was amazing. Look, even though they served us massive amounts of food, not a single bite of the ravioli remained. We even scraped the sauce. Actually, I want it now.

food box jordan after lunch

Yes. So I guess I finally found a new food place to fall in love with. I hope it’s always this amazing :)

You can try it out by visiting their Abdoun branch next to Falafel Al-Osra (Hammoudeh DVD area).

food box jordan gucci

food box jordan door


Review: Food Box Co.

Yesterday, the guys over at Food Box Co. sent me some things to try out. It was quite a pleasant experience.

I always loved the noodle-box concept, because it’s simple, quick, and easy-to-eat in an office environment. Food Box Co. delivers very well on that front… the branding is crisp, the die-cut of the boxes is absolutely gorgeous, and the experience is fuss-free and delicious at the same time.

My favorite item from the meals I tried was the spicy Chinese rice with peanuts and vegetables. I’m even already craving it; strongly recommended if you like spicy food.

To try Food Box Co., you can find them on the First Circle, or contact them at 079-979-8967.

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[UPDATED] PF Changs Amman

Update, May 7, 2014:
I was contacted by the Digital Marketing Manager at PF Changs for a dinner at TAJ this week, and I’m pleased to say that the arrogant manager mentioned below does not work at PF Changs anymore. Customer service has also improved a lot, the waiters were very nice and helpful.
It’s always great when people read reviews and fix things accordingly! Hattip to AlShaya for being customer service pros.

Avoid PFChangs in Amman. Food is burnt, has no flavor, and the waiters are arrogant that we just don’t know how it should taste. Plus, it’s insanely overpriced. Avoid at all costs, and go local.

Case in hand… Seven people, five of which are ravaging hungry boys who would eat anything. Mongolian beef so inedible that aside from being tasted by seven, it got taken away only half-eaten. Waiter and manager feedback: you just don’t know how it should taste. you pesants, it is supposed to be burnt and too salty, but we can replace it if you really, really want, but you just don’t know.


Go local. Recommended Chinese: Shanghai in Jabal Amman, Abu Khalil in Jabal Amman, Noodasia in Abdoun.

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