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Want Very Much: GPS Dorothy Shoes

These are possibly the coolest pair of shoes I’ve ever seen in my life. Created by Dominic Wilcox, these shoes make can help you navigate to anywhere you wish to travel to, in a Wizard of Oz kind-of-way. You know how Dorothy could click her shoes together to go home?

You upload your destination and the GPS, which is embedded in the heel, is activated by a heel click. It then communicates to the wearer via a ring of LED lights to point in the required direction. The shoe with the GPS wirelessly communicates with the right shoe that has a progress bar of lights to show how close you are to the destination. The prototypes are built using Arduino.


My heart.

Paper Crafted Sneakers by Mike Leavitt

These shoes are all made from paper, by artist Mike Leavitt. The level of detail is amazing. They might as well not be made out of paper.

Paper Adidas Superstars Mike Leavitt

Mike Leavitt Paper Converse
Mike Leavitt Paper Jordans
Mike Leavitt Paper Nikes
Mike Leavitt Paper Vans

You can view more paper shoes by artist on this website: Mike Leavitt

A Moving Wall of Kicks with Converse

Check out how cool that is!

Via Yousif

It ain’t just about the Converse

I’m not one track minded. I swear.

2004: The year I started blogging.

Aren't they pretty?
Green and silky.

Bowling shoes
Sarah, Sara, and I.

Art Department's Egypt Trip
In Egypt with university.

My Cool Shoes
Pink and paisely.

2005: Third year student.


Autumn in Amman

zooksie 341
New shoes.

I love Wild Jordan...
Love Wild Jordan.

hmm 008
My first ever cowboy boots.

2006: Blogoretta.

Pretty tiles.

zooksie 990
Rainy season at Jordan University was Awesome.

zooksie 967
In the physics lab.

my awesome new shoes
They were really hot back then.

2007: No longer a student.


2008: Syntaxing.

Yasmeen + Reefko + Roobs.

My boys.

Shoes at a basketball final
At a basketball game.

2009: Sadness.

On September
Red = love.

Beirut Lebanon
Yasmeen = Double love.

2010: Now.

:) None that weren’t Converse.

Walking Life

I was going through my Flickr stream yesterday and couldn’t help but start thinking of how my Converse have seen so much in the past 7 years.

Here are some picks:

2004: The year I started blogging.

converse shoes
Brand new shoes! :)

Attention Span = 3 seconds
Bored to death in class.

2005: Third year student.

Life Portrait
Mama’s car.

Share3 beitna.

2006: Blogoretta.

Sleeping in JU’s parking lot.

The hall
That damned dance class.

Al-Qahira Il Kobra, Cairo, Egypt
In Cairo.


In Lebanon.

2007: No longer a student.

At a basketball game.

Final jury in university.

2008: Syntaxing.

Trying to decide what shoes to wear.

Decay makes pretty patterns, in Amman, Jordan
Yasmeen + moi on the roof of Syntax.

2009: Sadness.

When 3gab was young.

Capturing the Overwhelming
Yasmeen’s exhibition.

Beirut, Lebanon
<3 Yasmeen. 2010: Now.

On Octover
In the backyard.

Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman, Jordan
The shoes of strangers in Jara.

On March

On April

Fall girl

Fall girl, originally uploaded by Roobee.


Desire for Lightness

According to Nike. I’m really not a very big fan of Nikes these days, as I haven’t seen in a nice pair in about a decade. But this packaging for shoes, designed by Emille Molin and made out of recycled cardboard, is really cool.

More pictures and explanation here.

What do you think? Like or not?

Footwear that should be burned and buried

1. Thin-Soled Desert Boots

“Ah! It is hot near the pyramids! We need a new kind of groundbreaking shoe, perhaps inspired by the culture of these newly-discovered Ae-rabs near the pyramids. How about we make these “desert shoes” the color and texture of those camels they ride? And we’ll toss in a hideously small lace holding together the way-too-simple cut of suede, that way, it’ll look very much like those water pouch things that Delacroix always used to paint…”

 “Desert boots” visually simulate everything colonialist and orientalist in this world.

Fortunately, they aren’t that popular these days, but it’s their 60th birthady, so I foresee them becoming trendy again. DO NOT SUCCUMB.

manual hr :)
2. Shoes That Seem Like They Belong in the Ballrooms of 17th-Century Paris
selectism - grenson-asos-patent-brogue

It is not the fact that they are hideously over-designed that wins such shoes a spot on this list. It is the fact that you can pluck your eyebrows perfectly well using their reflection as a mirror. I cannot really understand why intensely patent leather is ever used at all.
Yup. Major FAIL.
manual hr :)hr :)
3. Platforms

The fact that people actually thrived on platforms in the 70’s is scary, an ultimate reminder that humans are never tasteful. What’s even scarier is that the Spice Girls managed to get them to become fashionable again in the 90’s.

Unless you’re a midget and platforms are the only way to comfortably fake semi-normal height, then oh puh-lease toss your platforms out the window.
manual hr :)

4. “Qatel Il Saraseer”

Mens_Dress_Shoes by you.

Pointy-toe shoes are the worst thing to ever happen to the streets of Amman. I cannot illustrate how appalling they are because I cannot find an image of the pointy-toe shoes that are currently very fashionable in town, for both men and women.  You just need to walk in the streets and see the most ugly trend in history- even worse that the rattails of the 90’s.

When I was a kid I had an older cousin who would tell me that it is very easy to find out if a girl is cool or  not. The secret is in the shoes, he said. If her shoes are ugly, then even if she was the hottest woman on earth, you’ll know that something is wrong. I remember I found that really silly. I still find it really silly. Except his theory works excellently well for the “Qatel Il Saraseer” shoes. If a person is wearing them, you’ll immediately know that they are 7afalagi.

And that’s my two-cents of doing good for the day: If you have a pair of shoes that are more suitable for killing insects hiding in the corner, then for Heaven’s sake, THROW THEM OUT.
manual hr :

5. American-Tourist Sandals
Teva Men's Hurricane 3 Outdoor Sandal
(Yes, sometimes tourists from other parts of the world as well, but mostly Americans.)

The way American tourists dress drives me crazy. Khaki shorts, worn-out and drab-colored t-shirt (or shirt), and the infamous sandlas, often with socks. Damn. It’s as if this “uniform” comes stamped out with their visas. I’ve never been to the US so I don’t know if that’s how they dress in their daily lives, but I sure hope not.

Regardless of how comfortable and efficient these sandals are, someone needs to introduce them to other kinds of comfortable footwear: loafers, perhaps. Or trainers. Even flip flops. 

6. Fisherman Sandals

My main problem with fisherman sandals is that they are disgustingly fricking timeless. Their designs, colors, and materials haven’t changed in many decades, and they’re actually still reminiscent of footwear worn in really old paintings.

This steadiness makes them look even uglier as the years pass. It’s like wearing bell-bottoms to a Star Trek Expo. Not just once as a joke, every year. Okay, so that’s a terrible analogy, but you get the image.

Really, time to move on to better things.

7. Anything that looks like an animal was skinned to cover your feet

VOLATILE Mimi Womens Wedge Platform Shoes Sandals Black Gold Cheetah Animal Print Thong
I know that it’s probably fake. And I know that they can sometimes look really nice. But the idea is so morbid. I don’t understand why humans find the concept of using human hair on handbags so horrifying yet be completely okay with the same happening with animals.

I’d understand with leather, at least it’s functional and keeps you warm and stuff, but with beauty shoes? Puh-lease.

8. Crocs for People over 5

I have to admit that Crocs are rather cute on very little children. Their absurd curves and horribly-designed form are very much alike to children’s funny head-shapes and weird proportions.

When it comes to adults, or even older kids, it’s just pure ugliness.

And yes, that is George W. Bush, and you don’t want to be like him do you?

9. Worishofer Sandals

I don’t think I need to explain why these “things” are on this list. Even grandmas should be banned from wearing them.

Germans should definitely stick to making cars and other heavy machinery. Another abhorrent German shoe is the Birkenstock, but it doesn’t make it to my top ten list.

10. Meaninglessly Sporty Sneakers
Saucony Women's Progrid Ride Running Shoe
How could I possibly have sneakers on this list? Well, it’s easy.

I’m talking about the millions of sneakers that are more overdone than an Egyptian bellydancer. The ones that pack special “breathable” mesh, stripes to hold the foot, ergonomic new materials, shiny reflectors, springy soles, plastic airholes for better jumps, neon frilling. Dude. It’s the new millennium. Most people have actually come to discover that sometimes less is more, and all the added gimmicks to make sneakers look more high-tech and sporty is complete BS.

That’s my top 10 list. Which of them do you disagree or strongly agree on with me? What shoes do you think I forgot to add to this list, that you believe should be burned and buried, to never disgrace the streets of civilization again?

Obsessive Compulsive Shoe Owner

Shoes by you.

Every single time I see my brother’s shoe collection, I am taken by surprise.

It’s amazing, he only really owns two pairs o f shoes, in various colors:
1) A million pairs of lace-free loafers.
2) Four pairs of canvas shoes.

I understand Gus’ obsession with loafers. Afterall, laces are the stupidest invention ever, and they should be deemed as vintage as typewriters in this functional day and age. The first thing I do when I get shoes with laces is knot them to death, until they turn to slip ons.

Comparatively to my brother’s shoes, here  is how colorful my shoe collection a few years ago was:

Do you have a favorite kind of shoe or shoes that you just can’t stop buying?

Converse 100th Anniversary Pack


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the canvas all star basketball shoes, converse have produced a limited edition of 1000 books containing a pair of shoes. using the theme of ’star’, the book details the history of the canvas all star brand and features interviews by 100 of today’s biggest stars. also, in an effort to support the young creative people of the world, converse have chosen 100 people and put them together with the famous actors, comedians, stylists, photographers, art directors etc who inspire them to pursue the same career. the shoes have been made especially for this project and come in white, black and red, and in two sizes, 24cm and 27cm”

Via The Dieline

Really cool, right? I want one :(

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