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Unexpected gifts

I love unexpected, pretty gifts.

Thank you Massimo Dutti and Azadea for this lovely scarf :)

I have a really bad headache and you totally made my day!


Control Freak

I think of this blog as therapy, sometimes. It’s as if I can just type in a problematic word, and the unicorns of AndFarAway will magically solve even my most deep-rooted issues.

Today’s issue, my dearest unicorns, is being control freak. Happiness is either having complete control or abdicating completely. There is no happy medium, and that is not very smart.

Now control, I’ve typed you up, go away.

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On November

Sheez. It’s the final stretch of 2014 already.

I’ve always wanted to try the famous Circassian dish chebsobasta. Alas, it is traditionally made with chicken, and since I don’t eat chicken, I’ve never had it. Until my friend Sharif’s mom made me shibsobasta without chicken. Goodness me it’s SO DELICIOUS!

November was for reading. Trying to close my target of 50 books a year.

Sucks being musically-challenged in a musical life

My calendar is psychic

4 more books in 2014 for my target to be complete!

Baby bro

Peppermint bark from Toffimelt

Can you guess?


Been waiting for this book for 15 years

Never date an astronaut

Psychotic November Weather — Take 1

Psychotic November Weather — Take 2

Psychotic November Weather — Take 3


Pictorial Archive of Life

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How to say “Daewoo” in Korean

Sometimes, it only occurs to me to google things I’m curious about years after I’ve been wondering about them. Usually, it’s only with the stuff that I’ve been curious about since before there was google. It’s like parts of my brain never got past 1996.

Case in point: Daewoo.

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with reading roadside store signs whenever I was in the car. I always read them out loud, with my parents helping me pronounce things correctly, or explaining what unfamiliar words meant.

The sign that gave me the biggest headache was “Daewoo”. I was a child who just learned her letters, and I read it the way I was taught to read: “Dey-woooo”. I was told that it wasn’t English though, and that the best way to pronounce it in this part of the world is “Dha-yo”. To this day, more than 20 years later, I still can’t get myself to say “Dha-yo”, opting to go with the more literal “Dey-woh”.

Suddenly last week, it occurred to me that dude… you can just google it. And I did.

Ladies and gents, here’s the correct way to pronounce “Daewoo”:

In this case,

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On October


10 Years of AndFarAway

I want to take a minute to muse on the fact that its been ten years of AndFarAway.

Can you imagine? This blog belongs to a world before YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. A world when Sharon was still PM, and when suicide bombings in the Arab world were news. Michael Jackson, Christopher Reeve, and Sadam Hussein were alive. Pluto was a planet. The TV show “Friends” aired on TV. iPhones, tablets, and Android were yet to be invented.

This was me around the same week I started AndFarAway, in a university exhibition with a drawing of mine:

I had just turned 19. I’m now 29.


Happy birthday, AndFarAway.

Oh, how we have grown.

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