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Chicken… Here I come

I’m thirty. I’ve never had chicken in my life, because I’ve been allergic since before I can even remember.

But allergies — especially those developed when really young — are supposed to fade with age, so I decided to get tested earlier this month.

The pleasant surprise: my allergy is gone.

Just like that.

Imagine. I’m a thirty-year-old person who has never had chicken shawerma. Turkey. Msakhan. Nuggets. Wings. Farooj. Popeyes. Chicken soup. Smoked turkey and cheese. Jaj mahshi. Sheesh tawuk. Drums. A club sandwich.

You get the point.

With one blood test, a whole new world has opened up. A world where I don’t have to pack my meals to dinner parties, and where I don’t have to be phobic about whether or not that piece of lettuce was touching the chicken in the caesar salad. IT DOESN’T MATTER ANY MORE IF YOU USED CHICKEN BROTH TO COOK THOSE VEGETABLES.


Now begins a journey too strange for me to not share… The journey into poultry.

Of course, it’s not easy. I associate the flavor of chicken with holding my hair out of my face, while bending over the sink and throwing my guts out. The smell, which I recognize better than you do, is the smell of fear.

But I’m going to face my fear and embrace a culinary journey.

Chicken… Here I come.

Space race

If only the major emotion of life was just that of overwhelming excitement over humanity’s new scientific frontiers, like New Horizons and Curiousity.

It’s so amazing to have so many people agreeing to look at such achievements with awe, wonder, and hope, as opposed to the racist, judgemental, disgusting, and depressing BS that we get to hear all the rest of the time about almost every other thing that ever happens.

Why can’t proxy wars happen in space again, instead of on our soil, like they did during the days of the space race?

Alternative Career Paths I Want to Have, Eventually

I want to own a beauty salon.

I want to be a food stylist.

I want to be a dedicated writer of novels.

I want to be the publicist of someone really famous.

I want to be an astronaut.

I want to manage a school.

I want to own a factory that produces something really industrial.

Almhult, Ikea town

Picturesque, is it not?


20 Things to Do in a Freezing January

1. Miss out on the countdown cause you’re stuck in traffic. Celebrate in the car on the phone instead.

2. Get out of the city to clean your lungs. Smoke a lot of cigarettes.

3. Cherish the sun when it’s around.

4. Love your brothers and friends. Because they’re awesome. They make life not only worth living, they make it fulfilling.

5. Doodle on people’s arms.

6. Walk in the snow and trip. Grab your brother as you trip so as to break your fall. Have him trip too. Laugh.

7. Appreciate good typography.

8. Get bronchitis. Pretend you’re an astronaut.

9. Wonder at the fact that Souq IlJom3a follows a grid.

10. Eat koshari very late at night.

1l. Enjoy how gorgeous your friends are.

12. Grow a super-realistic, mind-numbing crush on a celebrity.

13. Mourn the sad, sad death of a Ras IlAbed.

14. Get lost in the fog.

15. Take a nap in the woods.

16. Spend a lot of time at Turtle Green, because that place fills the soul.

17. Play Uno for a change.

18. Throw a trashy Egyptian party.

19. Hug your girlfriends.

20. Eat at Hashem in the AM.

Can you really archive time?

2007: On March | On April | On May | On June | On July | On August | On September | On October | On November | On December

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2012: On April | On May | On June | On July | On August | On September | On October | On November | On December

2013: On January | On Februaury

The Physics of Living in a Bubble and the Futility of the Bubble

F = ma
Principal of Relativity

Interaction with an object changes momentum. 

The only way to not be affected by a force is to not interact with it at all.

Exchanging momentum between objects will not affect the net momentum of a system. It is possible to define a system such that net momentum is never lost nor gained.

Accept this.

Not everything is as it seems

NGC 3314 Hubble Telescope

In the beautiful image above, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shows a rare view of a pair of overlapping galaxies, called NGC 3314. The two galaxies appear to be colliding, but they are actually separated by tens of millions of light-years, or about ten times the distance between our Milky Way and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. The chance alignment of the two galaxies, as seen from Earth, gives a unique look at the silhouetted spiral arms in the closer face-on spiral, NGC 3314A. The motion of the two galaxies indicates that they are both relatively undisturbed and that they are moving in markedly different directions.

Quotables: Music that will melt the stars

Human speech is like a cracked kettle on which we tap crude rhythms for bears to dance to, while we long to make music that will melt the stars.(1857)


Enjoy excepts from great books, as selected by Carl Sagan in his book “Contact”. Perhaps they will help you decide to read one of these books, or simply just inspire you.

Quotables: Domination of number preexistent

The universe seems… to have been determined and ordered in accordance with number, by the forethought and the mind of the creator of all things; for the pattern was fixed, like a preliminary sketch, by the domination of number preexistent in the mind of the world-creating God.

– NICOMACHUS OF GERASA Arithmetic I, 6 (ca. A. D. 100)

Enjoy excepts from great books, as selected by Carl Sagan in his book “Contact”. Perhaps they will help you decide to read one of these books, or simply just inspire you.

Nina Paley’s “This Land Is Mine”

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

For more on who each character represents, visit Nina Paley’s blog.

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