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The Lebanon Blogs Aggregator Now Open to Jordanian Blogs

In the coolest move I’ve seen in ages, the Lebanese blog aggregator is now open to Jordanian bloggers, because, according to the blog: “Jordan and Lebanon as a community on Twitter are pretty close, which led to us reading their blogs and them reading ours.”

Yay, the little pan-Arab idealist in me is having a little party.

Submit your blog here:

This one is for Isam…

AndFarAway finally supports new, cooler kinds of comments.

Yes, I know, I’m late to the party. But this place is older than both Facebook AND Twitter, so leave me alone.

Long-time blog reader and friend Isam has been nagging incessantly to support Facebook comments for the past two years.

Take a Minute to Like AndFarAway on Facebook

AndFarAway… Now With Real Fruits

Okay. Not really. Fake fruits and candy taste better anyway. But AndFarAway has gone through a series of improvements, and I have Mohammed Al-Shara to thank for that.

The improvements include:

1. We moved AndFarAway’s database from Yahoo’s disastrous hosting to Mohammed’s own. This will improve sooo many things, including better social integration (eventually, hi Isam), speed, and reliability

2. The WordPress version has been upgraded to the latest version (now I have to upgrade my Mac to Lion so that I’m all 201l)

3. Mohammed also cleaned up some of the database, which is really old and really large.

Thank you Mohammed, you rock! :)

I’d also like to thank a bunch of amazing people who have helped me out over the past six years by attempting to fix issues related to Yahoo’s disastrous hosting, namely: Ibrahim, Rani, Razan, Emad, and Amer.

No more Yahoo. Yahoo!

Support Warsheh Initiative

Fellow Jordanian onliner Shadi Haddad (or Khaled, as I like to call him) has started a really cool initiative called Warsheh.

Basically, it aims to support skilled labor, and is targeted towards teens aged 15 to 24 who either:
1. Have no desire to complete a college education.
2. Have a talent/knack for working with their hands.
3. Need to provide for themselves or their needy families.

What you can do to support this initiative now is to like their Facebook page and thus be updated with their news. Yalla, it’s easy and quick :)

Just click here:

Warsheh Initiative is a non-profit initiative that was created under the “Social Leaders Program” with Injaz.

AndFarAway Finally Joins the New Millennium

1024 pixel wrapper (as opposed to eight fricking hundred). A Facebook page AND a Facebook box for you to like AndFarAway. A new design style after 4 years of the other one.

And you have Haitham to thank for that.

It started with a Facebook message. He realized how stupid I was to not create a Facebook page for AndFarAway, and offered to create one for me. And he did.

With a brand new Facebook page, I decided that AndFarAway itself also needs to join the new millennium, after 5 years of no visual changes.

So… here you go. You can start by being awesome and liking AndFarAway on Facebook:

Big thanks to Haitham, who has done one of the nicest things anyone has ever done to me.

Job Opportunity: Do you enjoy writing and social media?

Do you enjoy writing and social media? Do you want to work with one of the top 10 companies to work for in 2011?

Job Brief:
Job Location: Amman, Jordan
Employment Status: Full Time
Career Level: Entry
Years of Experience: 0 – 1 year
Residence Location: Amman, Jordan

The job will include writing articles, tips, and advice that will help the Middle East’s professional community. It will also have lots of online socializing on Facebook, Twitter, and the Bayt Communities.

This job is for you if you are passionate, skilled with words, and always up to a challenge.

Skills required:
1. Excellent Arabic writing skills (Grammatically correct, appealing, and target relevant)
2. Very good English writing skills (Grammatically correct)
3. Understanding and familiarity with all the major social networking sites

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please send your CV to roba (at) Make sure that you include links to all your social media accounts, as well as three writing samples; two of these samples should be in Arabic, and one in English.

AndFarAway back up and this is a test post

After hours of freaking out, AndFarAway should be back up. This is a test post.

P.S. Thanks Rani :)


Just a quick note for those of you who are wondering that it’s probably gonna be one busy week. Blogging will be intermittent. Sorry if I didn’t reply to any emails, I promise I’ll get back to you soon.

Over and out.

The New Year Schedule on AndFarAway

The Internet makes top 10’s SO MUCH FUN.

So I thought I’ll play this year, and you can play too. Each day, I will be posting my top 10 list. If you want to play, you have to send me your list a day earlier and I will publish it along with mine.

Here is the schedule for the upcoming 10 days:

22/12: My Top Ten 2010 Musical Obsessions
23/12: 10 Must-Follow Arab Tweeps 2010
24/12: My Top 10 Monthly Pictures
25/12: My Top Ten 2010 Pop Culture Obsessions
26/12: 10 Best Amman Moments
27/12: My 10 Favorite Posts of AndFarAway
28/12: 10 Best Arab Blogs, 2010
29/12: Top 10 Links of AndFarAway
30/12: My Year in Pictures
31/12: It’s Over

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