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How Marble is Made

From the category of things I did’t know were so awesome: How they harvest marble.

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Streak: Inbox Awesomeness You Must Have

Streak falls under the category of things that are so awesome I’m consciously willing to become a brand cheerleader for free. It’s just a really, really great piece of software.

I found it by mistake while going through Quora, and it has CHANGED MY LIFE.

Basically, if you use Gmail and Chrome, you can add Streak to your Chrome and make your Gmail much better than it already is. That’s really saying something, because we all know that Gmail is probably the best piece of software ever created. Making Gmail even better is no easy task.

Streak lets you organize stuff, and create activity pipelines, reminders, email templates, and more. My job has become so much easier after I created a “Translation” pipeline and a project pipeline.

Get Streak today and organize your life.

Disclaimer: I do not know the people behind Streak nor am I involved with them or with Streak. It is just so cool that I want people to use it so that the Streak guys can continue developing this great product. Get it now.

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Is medieval armor as absurd to use as it seems?

The answer is no, it is not.

In this terribly-made but REALLY cool video made by Le Musée National du Moyen-Âge de Cluny” shows exactly how easy it is to move (and even do jumping jacks) in 14th-century armor.

This is really awesome. Now I want myself some armor, though I don’t mind settling for this:

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That one game you loved as a kid that you’ve been trying to remember for years

It was my favorite PC game as a kid, and for years, I’ve been trying to remember it’s name. I googled it of course, but I guess I never used to right keywords.

After struggling all weekend with the name, I finally found it: Skyroads.



I first played in in 1993 or 1994, because it was the only game available in the school’s computer lab. Then I nagged and nagged and nagged until my father got it for us to play at home too.

You can play it on a emulator here:

It is so cool, and much more difficult that I remember. I’m surprised that we used to race and do so well. The history is also interesting. It was developed by an Estonian programmer who later was also a part of developing Skype and Kaza.

Who used to play it and love it too?

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Register Today: The MENA ICT Forum


AndFarAway is excited to be an official media partner with the MENA ICT Forum for 2014.

The MENA ICT Forum is the MENA region’s premier biennial ICT industry event, held in Jordan, under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II. The forum showcases the entire MENA region’s ICT success stories, and discusses latest trends, opportunities and future outlook.

Speakers include Francis Barel from PayPal, John Davies from Intel, and Duncan Mitchell from CISCO. You can view full list of speakers and agenda here.

You can register for the forum here.

Here are things you need to know about Jordan’s ICT sector:


The Amazing Collective Intelligence of Ants

Seriously INSANE.

Via io9


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