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Future Visions

I’ve come to deeply respect Microsoft in the past decade, not only for their world-changing technology, but also for what they stand for, and the culture of change and experimentation that I started seeing around the same time they launched the xBox.

Today, I’ve been reading a science-fiction anthology they published a few days back called “Future Visions”. They invited some sci-fi heavyweights to speak to Microsoft researchers at their research lab, and to understand the problems they are trying to solve… In the future.

The result is several genius short stories that I strongly recommend you read. The anthology made me feel fuzzy inside: what came first, the science or the science fiction?

It’s for free, you can download it on their website.


Contact lenses in 1948

This is crazy. And I find soft lenses annoying.

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اعلان ابو كرتونة

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The Most Timeless Songs of All Time

Polygraph took a look at data from Spotify to create a list of the most timeless songs of all time (from the 90’s). Number one on the list: Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

It’s a pretty cool analysis. Check it out.

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An update on what’s up in our solar system

If you’re interested in where we are when it comes to solar system exploration, here’s a nice round-up fromEmily Lakdawalla.


This is how dystopia starts: self-destructing mosquitoes

I know mosquitoes are horrible, and that they kill shitloads of people every year. But this article really gave me goosebumps. Genetically engineered to die.
Welcome to the future.


via Kottke

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