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You won’t believe what this Chinese master does with cotton candy…

I want that so much I’m going to cry.

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Five-year-old boy’s incredible Bruce Lee nunchaku demo

This is the most impressive thing I’ve seen in ages.

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Saudi Eye Roll

Start noticing how women who grew up in Saudi Arabia all have the same eye roll:


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Magic GIF that changes every time you blink

This is so cool. Blink and it will change.

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CHINA IS INSANE: The Wild and Crazy Orange Bro Story

Seriously. It is.

Just read this crazy account of Orange Bro and a guy with a stolen iPhone.


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Is there anything in the world more creepy than the circus?

I think not.

Actors acting their entire life, from when they were children. Living a dark, unstable life on the road full of potential danger, and no settlement. Then they paste some smiles on in their ancient outfits that usually need mending. Really creepy.

Here are some photos of circuses from this Time article.

Lucky Irani Circus Circus tent in Khanpur, Sindh, Pakistan.

Lucky Irani Circus Acrobats wait to enter the ring.

Lucky Irani Circus A lion & a tiger jump through a ring of fire during a performance.

Lucky Irani Circus A performer is cared for by his family after falling during a performance.

Lucky Irani Circus Vicky, the top acrobat in the troupe and a fellow circus member and two trick dogs.

Circus Roncalli Dog trainer Leonid Beljakov with one of his dogs in front of his caravan.

Circus Roncalli Clown Gensi applies makeup before a performance.

Circus Roncalli Encho Keryazov training with with his son Angel.

Circus Roncalli A circus caravan being painted during down-time.

Circus Debere Berhan Circus training in the practice hall.

Circus Debere Berhan The circus performing in Debere Sina, Ethiopia.

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