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The world in 1986

The Atlantic collects beautiful photos from 1986. This was the world when I was one.
Better? Worse? At least it felt hopeful.

Angel Song

This is the best thing I’ve seen online in ages.

Ghazal from the East: Farida Khanum

I urge you to take 15 minutes to read this piece about a Pakistani classically-trained signer called Farida Khanum, ملکہ غزل (Queen of Ghazal).

Khanum is a legend in Pakistan. The piece covers her recent journey to Kolkata, the city where she was born. Partition forced her family to move to Pakistan when she was 6-years-old.

You can read the piece on Caravan Magazine.

How to Sound Smart When Presenting

This is hilarious.

How to Defrost Your Windshield (According to Science)

Thankfully, winter’s almost over, but knowing how to quickly defrost your windshield is always a useful trick. I tried it and it actually works.

In a nutshell:
1. Blast the heater
2. Blast the AC
3. Turn OFF the air circulation
4. Crack open the windows a bit.

Hunger is in Your Mind

A long but brilliant article on why the mainstream approach to weight loss is bullshit.

Here’s what happens when you interfere with your hypothalamus – when medical advice collides with psychology. Let’s say you decide to cut back on calories. You eat less for a day. The result? It’s like picking up a stick and poking a tiger. Your hunger mood rises and for the next five days you’re eating bigger meals and more snacks, perhaps only vaguely realising it. People tend to judge how much they’ve eaten partly by how full they feel afterward. But since that feeling of fullness is partly psychological, if your hunger mood is up, you might eat more than usual, feel less full than usual, and so mistakenly think that you’ve cut back. You might feel like you’re making progress. After all, you’re constantly vigilant. Sure, now and then you slip up, but you get yourself right back on track again. You feel good about yourself until you get on a scale and notice that your weight isn’t responding. It might go down one day and then blip up the next two days. Dancing under the surface of consciousness, your hunger mood is warping your perceptions and choices.

[Read Now]

It’s always useful to know what happens beneath all that skin when you’re stretching, and to know which stretches target the tightest spots in your body. [More information]


Another One of Them Trippy Illusions


Which side is it spinning?

Via Kottke

Horizontal History

From WaitButWhy, here’s a genius map of “Horizontal History”. It lays down history a little different than we’re used to. I’ve always been fascinated by how disconnected past contemporary events are, so this is really fantastic.


Incredible video of snakes, Nokia Snake, and physics

What happens when you put snakes and boards successively closer together in a box? This video.

It is really amazing – I feel like I’m watching a real-version of the Nokia Snake game.

For an explanation of the physics, head on to io9.

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