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Cutting a carrot is really not fun

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Specialized Tattoos

Elsewhere in the world, this:

[Via BoingBoing]


85 ideas, 85 years

Business Week has a cool feature for their 58th anniversary issue highlighting the most groundbreaking 85 ideas in the past 85 years, including GDP, OPEC, information theory, Google, GPS, and the pill. Very cool, read it here.

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This is what cows look like when you give them a blow dry


Via BoingBoing, of course.


The Beautiful Process of a Steel Knife Made by Hand

A small crew of skilled craftsmen show us how they make knives and their leather holsters. They process is so intense and beautiful that I really, really want one of these knives. And I hate knives!

Look at this and weep from joy:

It even sounds so gorgeous.

The website claims that this is “Damascus steel”, though I really am not sure how anyone could possibly verify such a claim. Regardless, it is beautiful.

You can check out the website here. Via Kottke.


How Marble is Made

From the category of things I did’t know were so awesome: How they harvest marble.

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