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اعلان ابو كرتونة

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Photographer Documenting Homeless People Discovers Her Own Father Among Them

This is really strange and touching story. Photographer Diana Kim was photographing homeless people in Hawaii when she discovered her estranged father among them. Emaciated and suffering from severe schizophrenia, he didn’t even recognize here.
Read the article here.

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You won’t believe what this Chinese master does with cotton candy…

I want that so much I’m going to cry.

via BoingBoing

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Five-year-old boy’s incredible Bruce Lee nunchaku demo

This is the most impressive thing I’ve seen in ages.

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Saudi Eye Roll

Start noticing how women who grew up in Saudi Arabia all have the same eye roll:


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Magic GIF that changes every time you blink

This is so cool. Blink and it will change.

Via BB

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