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The horrifying world of “Arab” stock photography.


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Want to learn some Arabic typography?

Workshop available in September.

For more info, click here.

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Geometry of Fireworks

The mind’s eye always imagines them as a perfect circle.

Via BoingBoing

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Font Face Arabic Fonts: Solving the Problems of Arabic Web Design

Arabic designers take note: there’s a new awesome tool called Font Face that will greatly improve your life. Get access to tens of nice Arabic fonts, optimized for web.

It’s really simple and really awesome to use. Just filter through the styles on the sidebar, and then you have the option to either download the web font or embed it in your website for loading.


You can also view fonts as headlines or body text in each font view.

I encourage everyone to share a link with their designer friends to Font Face. You’ll make their day, promise! :)

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Typesetting the Future

I just found the most amazing website in the world. It beautifully combines three of my top five favorite things in life: science fiction, typography, and the Internet. Basically, it here’s a piece dissecting the typography of “Odyssey 2001″ (which happens to be one of my favorite books in the world, by Arthur C Clarke, one of my favorite authors in the world).

It dwells on tiny little things like the old IBM logo designed by Paul Rand, one of my favorite designers in the world.

They also have a beautiful piece on typesetting “Alien” on Typeset in the Future.

I strongly recommend reading it.

Really. What an amazing blog. It’s so beautiful.

Visit it and weep.


Swissra: An Arabic Typeface Inspired by Swiss Graphic Design

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Swissra, an Arabic typeface that was inspired by Swiss graphic design.

Ali AlMasri, the designer behind the typeface, says that the motivation behind the typeface was to create a neutral and carefully crafted Arabic font family that can be used on many different applications and work in multilingual situations with Swiss fonts such as Akzidenz-grotesk and Helvetica. Swissra is also a tribute to Swiss graphic design.

Technical stuff: Swissra features sharply cut terminals, which are either horizontal or vertical. It also features closed apertures and a high x-height.

Swissra is available in eight weights that range from ultralight to black.

You can buy Swissra from MyFonts.

View complete project on Behance.

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