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Color cuteness

Rain-Bros by Daniel Savage is a fun visualization of the different wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum, from the loping walk of red to blue’s energetic bounce.

Via Kottke

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When in Rome…

At the risk of sounding sacrilegious, I must get this out of my system anyway… The Colosseum is totally overrated. And this is coming from an art major who once wrote a 50-page paper on the history and architecture of this historical building for a History of Art class in university.

I mean, it’s awesome of course, but I’ll be the one to say this cause no one else seems to want to say it (I got so many “Ah yeah it was just okay” statements after I went): if you’re Jordanian and you only have a few days in Rome, skip the Colosseum till another trip when you have a whole load of time. Trust me… Jerash is like an hour away, and it’s even less hot.

Obviously this does not apply to you if you’re not Jordanian.


Can you pick out the hand-drawn leaf?


By illustator Dino Tomic.

Via BoingBoing


Why is modern art bad?

That’s not my question, of course. Me? I love modern art, thank you very much. I love it so much that my favorite three artists of all time are all the “bad modern type” type:

Marcel DuChamp


Andy Warhol <3

The question was posed by a person who I guess is a professor, and I’m sharing it because I love having this debate with people.

What I really think?

With this kind of thought-policing, this professor should move to Jordan.

He’ll feel right at home.

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Not Art, an Art Project by Warsheh

My design crush, Warsheh, has done it again.

From the project’s Behance page:

This is Not Art.
It’s not deeply meaningful or vaguely philosophical.
It’s not calculated or exact.
It is in fact, a series of posters designed from classic paintings.
A simple reinterpretation of how we saw them.
Our tribute to art and design.

Check out their interview with the Huffington Post.

NOT The Conversion of St Paul

NOT The Valpinçon Bather

NOT Venus Bathing

NOT Saint Francis in Meditation

NOT Girl with a Pearl Earring

NOT Portrait of a Young Girl

NOT The Skater

NOT Doge Leonardo Loredan

NOT The Death of Marat

NOT The Birth of Venus

NOT Whistler’s Mother



The Pleasure of Cutting

Have you recently taken a minute to appreciate the pleasure of something as regular as using a cutter?

Like everything else in life, the pleasure starts at the starting point. That exact one-dimensional dot that you decide to start cutting from. Oh, the beautiful, limitless potential of a whole 360 degrees lounging aimlessly around this starting dot. You have so many directions to go. Each direction will disconnect a different plain, separate a different two atoms.

Then you dig, and you take a second to appreciate the amazing power the blade yields over the paper. The wondrous precision of the pointy edge of the blade, digging into the starting point of where you want to cut. The hard, cold, metal edge sinks into the spongy fibers of the paper. The paper becomes so welcoming, allowing the metal to go beyond its surface into its very pulp, its very soul.

Then you pull. And ah… the soft, satisfying feeling of pressure, causing the paper to gently splitting open, accompanied by the whispy sound of matter separating into a clean, smooth line.

I love it.

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