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What should I eat today in Amman?

What should I have for dinner today in Amman? My least favorite question. You see, one of my biggest problems in life is that I never know where to eat. My friends never know either. It’s always an annoying game of what do you want — no, what do you want. It is REALLY ANNOYING.

So… Ladies and gentlemen… Behold! A little tool that can make the decision for you. Just click on the wheel and enjoy.

All options are my personal food picks, with several mentions for my top 2 places: Luigi’s (affordable, consistent, and superfast) and Il Pizzaiolo (the BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD). Yes, that’s playing with luck, I know, but it’s MY WHEEL. Other options included have very specific suggestions, like the kani salad at Sushi Studio (cause everything else there isn’t very good, and I want your tummy to be happy). Most of these places can feed you well for under 7JDs.

If you have any suggestions, I am happy to add them if I like them too.


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Food Box: Amazing Fusion Food at Amazing Prices

I LOVE it when a restaurant goes from “just okay” to “oh, my God this amazing”.

The first time I tried Food Box, I really enjoyed it. It was nice and simple food, but I was far more impressed with the cool packaging than with the food itself.

So when I walked into the new Food Box Abdoun branch, I was expecting the experience to be pleasant, but you know, just that. After all, the average item costs less than 4JDs, and anything good in this city is damn expensive.

Then we sat down and the chef started preparing the dishes.

HOLY CRAP. It was the best food I’ve had in ages, and I am not exaggerating. The vegetables were so fresh and full, and I could taste the good ingredients.

food box jordan pasta

The first thing we tried was red penne pasta, which is such a difficult dish to perfect in it’s simplicity. I’m more pesto than tomato with my pasta, but I enjoyed this plate very much. The tomato sauce tasted fresh and tangy with the basil, and the penne was perfectly al dente.

food box jordan meat noodles food box jordan chicken

Next on the menu was squid ink pasta with beef and chicken (separately, of course). Both platters were rich with freshly-chopped vegetables, and the squid ink pasta tasted quite distinct. Interesting for sure, but this was the dish I enjoyed least, because everything else was just amazing.

food box jordan fish

The chef served us this delicious fish platter with garlic rice. I have no idea what it’s called on the menu, but OHMYGOD. It was so damn delicious I was craving it already an hour later. I’m not sure what the sauce is, but it just tasted so unique and rich. I especially loved the strange velvety texture of the batter.

This tiny platter tasted like a fusion of Chinese, Cajun, and English fish and chips. If you like sea food, you must try it with the garlic rice on the side. The presentation was great too.

food box jordan ravioli

Finally and last on the list was another item I loved. I honestly can’t decide what I enjoyed more, the fish or this delicious, freshly-made ravioli.

You see, I LOVE spinach ravioli, but I HATE it when the spinach loses its texture and becomes a lump of greenish, mis-shaped something. That’s usually the case with spinach ravioli in Jordan, because it’s frozen. Spinach is a beautiful plant, but it has to be fresh to be beautiful. I mean, how disgusting are frozen spinach safaye7 (Arabic pastries)? They just lose the texture.

This is what makes Food Box’s ravioli amazing. They make it themselves and ohmygod… every bite was amazing. Look, even though they served us massive amounts of food, not a single bite of the ravioli remained. We even scraped the sauce. Actually, I want it now.

food box jordan after lunch

Yes. So I guess I finally found a new food place to fall in love with. I hope it’s always this amazing :)

You can try it out by visiting their Abdoun branch next to Falafel Al-Osra (Hammoudeh DVD area).

food box jordan gucci

food box jordan door


Best burger in Amman?

The search for Amman’s best burger has started.

What is your favorite burger place in Amman? Vote today!

Best burger in Amman? free polls

How did I come up with this list?
I asked this same question on Facebook. All burger places with three or more mentions were added to this list.

What happens next?
I will personally review the top three, and the winner will be the one that has most people votes + best review.


What’s the difference between guilt and shame?

I would like to direct you to this simple article on the difference between guilt and shame.

An excerpt:

You would be better off being friends with a guilt-prone person than a shame-prone person. Trusting someone who is incapable of feeling guilt is a recipe for disaster. For a person to feel shame, they have to be caught; a person who can’t bear the feeling of being disgraced in another person’s eyes isn’t going to be forthcoming with the truth. You might think that shame-prone people would come around faster once they were caught, but you’d be wrong. Guilt is relieved by addressing the problem and asking for forgiveness. Shame makes people withdraw, run away, fly into a rage, or try to change the story. They don’t want to own up to the problem and correct it, because their first priority is pretending it never happened in the first place.

Read the rest

In just a few paragraphs, it perfectly illustrates the underlying problem of Jordan.

A culture of 3eib.

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Stop Yourself from Referring to the Abdali Project as “Downtown”. It Is Not Downtown.

The Abdali project will be opening its doors tonight, after a decade of work. Even if it turns out to be the coolest thing in the world (and it might), try to make a conscious effort to not refer to the new Abdali project as “downtown”. That’s a marketing game, and the winners are the marketeers and the Saudi/Lebanese investors.

You know who the loser would be? You, I, and the heritage of our city.

We already have an amazing downtown Amman (elbalad) thats been inhabited from around 6,500 B.C.

Money can never create anything as beautiful and meaningful as the citadel in downtown Amman. It’s one of the oldest continuously-inhabited spots in the world, representing significant civilizations that stretched across continents and prospered for centuries, as one empire gave rise to the next. It is a part of the heritage of mankind.

The most high-tech stage will never compare to the 2000-year-old Roman amphitheater in downtown Amman, the most obvious and impressive remnant of Philadelphia. It’s ancient history playing out right in front of your eyes.

And no matter how delicious it is, no restaurant will ever be able to compete with the charms of the restaurants in downtown Amman, like Hashem, Habiba, Balat Al-Rashid, Central, and Al-Quds.

It’s not that I mind the Abdali project. On the contrary: I am actually quite excited, especially for open-air shopping and perhaps one or two new places to go out to.

But I have major issues with the attitude of foreign investors arrogantly marketing their project as “the new downtown” when we already have a gorgeous downtown.

Make a conscious effort to refer to the Abdali project as what it is: the Abdali project, مشروع العبدلي, the Abdali Boulevard, or whatever else.

We already have a downtown Amman, البلد, and thank you very much, we don’t want a new one.

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The Logo Evolution of AlQuds: “Village Style” to American Diner to Gaming Center

Another chapter in the hilarious rebrandings of Falafel Al-Quds, which now looks like a gaming center:

alquds 2

Take a look at the history here

Via BeAmman

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