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Madaya Mom: Brilliant and Sad Comic Book from Marvel


Take a minute to look at the details of the comic book panel above.

The water spills on the tiled floor.

The carelessly-uncovered bathroom drain led.

The laundry, piled neatly amidst so much squalor.

The woman, hand-washing laundry, clinging to what may be the last remnant of normal life, even though hopelessness is clear in her body language: clean clothes.

This panel is from “Madaya Mom”, a comic book just released by Marvel, which was influenced by actual correspondence with a mother-of-five in the besieged town of Madaya, Syria.

It is the woman’s hopelessly ironic clinging to sanitation that drives this painful comic home. You see, Syrian women are known to be borderline OCD when it comes to cleanliness, often forgoing all common sense to ensure that there isn’t a speck of dust anywhere they can see or cannot see.

“Madaya Mom” is a brilliant initiative from Marvel and ABC News. It reminds of Art Spiegelman’s Holocaust masterpiece, “Maus”.
You can read the comic book for free online.

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep in perspective how horrifyingly close I am to helping Madaya Mom and her five children. You know, they’re just a couple of hours drive away. But light years unreachable.

Old, Beautiful Pictures of Signage in Amman

Take a look at this beautiful post celebrating Amman’s handlettered store fronts before the curse of Photoshop on Hussein Alazaat’s blog.

Red Bull Sound Clash Jordan is Back!

Posted by Red Bull Jordan

We’re back for another round of Red Bull SoundClash in Jordan.

Last time this event took place was back in 2014, and oh boy, was it a night to remember! El Morabba3 and Autostrad rocked both stages like nobody’s business.
Read the rest of the post.

The Jordanian Royal Guard at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

So cool.

How to Fall in Love with Turkey Sandwiches

At the ripe old age of 30, I had my first turkey sandwich.

It was late at night. I was starving. There was a ready-made turkey sandwich in the fridge, and allergies be damned. Amazingly, nothing happened.

Since that fateful night, I’ve become obsessed with smoked turkey. I eat it almost every day. I love trying it with as many condiments as possible, from ranch to horseradish to dill mustard. I keep sampling the different brands too – my favorite is a brand called Salamah that was recommended by our neighborhood-deli guy, but it’s really expensive, so I keep trying different brands to find a cheaper one that tastes as good. I’m also really excited to try all the stuff I’ve never had the chance to taste in my life: turkey pizza, a real club sandwich, turkey sausages.

Maybe one day soon I’ll even brave eating a real turkey.

Turkey recommendations, anyone?

Being Allergic to Chicken
Discovering that my Chicken Allergy is Gone
This Was the First Bite of Chicken in My Life
Second and third experience with chicken… good and not so good
I successfully ate half a smoked turkey sandwich

The History of Urbanization

Nothingness. The cradle of civilization. The equator. Europe. Modernity.

Pretty crazy.

Cars with Highest Cost of Maintenance


File under useful information. I’ve had my Mitsubishi since 2004 and it is an absolute dream.

Gawker Media

Just a vent: I’m unreasonably worried about Gawker Media. Gizmodo, Lifehacker, io9, and Jezebel are among my favorite things in the world, and I can’t imagine a world where I can’t get my daily fix of useful-to-know from them.
Let’s see how this turns out!

Baby talk

Adults who baby talk need to be institutionalized.

So milk is apparently bad for you

All our lives we’ve been told to drink milk. Milk is good for your bones. Milk has a lot of healthy nutrients. Got milk?

I have bad news.

It turns out that the whole milk-is-good-for-you thing is just a huge marketing ploy by the dairy industry. We’ve been victim to this ploy since there was a milk surplus in the US after WWII.


I have shit news, too.

Milk might not simply be “just harmless” (jury’s out though). According to a study by Swiss researchers, milk consumption may be linked to bone fractures and early death. The dairy industry also has been forging partnerships with many restaurants and food manufacturers to get them to increase the amount of cheese used in food (extra cheesy pizza, anyone?), resulting in more saturated fat lining up our livers. Last year, another sweeping study found that women who drank two and a half or more glasses of milk a day had a higher fracture risk than their counterparts who drank less than one glass a day. An analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2014 concluded that “high intakes of dairy products…may increase total prostate cancer risk.”

Goodness gracious, is nothing safe to consume these days?

So, stop force-feeding your kids milk. Ask for less cheese with your pizza. And eat local, for heaven’s sake. Local cheese in Jordan is often made from sheep milk (i.e. Nabulsi cheese), and it is much better for you. You’ll also be supporting local businesses, who need your support much more than Kraft and Hajdu.

Here’s a great video about this (thanks Haitham!)

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