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The Cookie Carnival

You know those moments when you’re just going on with your day and then a memory — no, a memory of a feeling — hits you completely out of the blue. The sweetness of a gingerbread man on TV, a cupcake turned into a dress. Wobbly jello dancers. Heart-shaped lips. I loved that cartoon when I was a kid. I had it recorded on a VCR and I played it over and over and over again.

Thank god for YouTube.


Stoic Wisdom


Arabic Yogurt vs. Greek Yogurt vs. Labaneh


  1. Rami Haikal

    My childhood revolved around mech warriors and robots fighting dinosaurs.
    Never saw this on TV while I was a kid.

  2. Strange! :) We had so many oldies on tv. Maybe this is why I love candy? :D

  3. Meshx86

    I think these are gulf cartoons. You also missed the russian cartoons: snow queen and Jiburashka

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