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Map of Amman from 1956

Here’s a really cool map from 1956. For more information, head over to Tobzeh.

How small the city was.


Black Mirror Sucks. Here’s Why.


A Recipe for Fried Eggs


  1. Rami

    Every area where we hang out is there!

  2. Hania

    Hi Roba,

    had to enter one of your articles to send you this.

    One of the few blog entries that I have ever saved was the one about your mother on Mother’s Day, where you described her as a philosopher, artist and best mum in the world.

    A healthy wise parent is a gift and a blessing. I might go on and read all kinds of parenting articles and books, but that one tribute you made to your mother teaches young mothers more that thousands of pages can do.

    Say Hi to your mum and good luck with your current and future ventures :)

  3. Hi Roba, I’ve been compiling a list of blogs about Jordan & Amman and stumbled across yours :) I wanted to share the list that I have included you in. Please do let me know if there’s anything that needs to be changed in my description :)

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