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Dear Jordanian Government: Stop Killing Jobs #رخصولنا_كريم

Jordan has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. Yet our government consistently keeps trying to KILL job creation.

If you use Careem, you’ll know what I mean. The stories are often the same.

“I graduated 2 years ago but still can’t find a job, so I’m trying to make some money on the side.”

“I have two part-time jobs but still can’t pay my bills, so I’m working Careem at night.”

“I have been unemployed for five years, Careem helps me a lot.”

The Jordanian government, in it’s incapability to create enough jobs to employ all graduating students, is still capable of killing job creators like Careem. Does is it care that its in the process also affecting hundred’s of people’s livelihood? Does is it understand that unemployment = frustration = radicalism?

Stop killing jobs.




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  1. Chris

    Right on. Unfortunate. When will they learn? On a side note, and I don’t mean to brag too much, but here in America we elect the best leader as possible, and then they appoint… wait a second, just received some info. WTF? Ahhh shit! Btw, just saw “Arrival,” the movie, it’s really good, I bet you’d like it.

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