On Designing

I have always doodled and drew and written things out to understand, to remember, to make sense of information (and that’s the reason of my infographic obsession).

That’s how I studied as a child. That’s how my spelling became excellent. That’s how I work.

Things are not crystal clear until they’re laid out neatly in presentations. In images. In logical, ordered analogies.

That’s the beauty of training as a designer.


Chicken Nuggets

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After my bad experience last week, I finally gathered enough courage yesterday to have another bite of chicken.

My bad experience with the carrot reminded me of how the worst of my chicken allergies as a child were always from accidentally having chicken or chicken broth at home. Could it be that it’s something with the way we cook chicken at home? Not sure, but I’ll stick to not eating chicken at home until I figure it out.

Yesterday, I had two pieces of Nabil chicken nuggets, as recommended by my brother, Ghassan. Artificial enough to make me comfortable.

The taste was great – I really love deep-fried stuff. The texture was dry though, which I guess is to be expected from chicken nuggets. My tongue and mouth were slightly numb afterwards for a little while, but no more than that. I didn’t get any itching and my stomach was alright.

The Arab lands are my home,

Poem by Fakhri Al-Baroud, translation my own,

“The Arab lands are my home,
from the Levant to Baghdad,
and from Najd to Yemen
to Egypt which engulfs me.

The Arab lands are my home.

No boundaries separate us,
and no religion differentiates us,
The “Al-Dhadh language” (Arabic) unifies us,
with the Ghassanids and the Adnanis.

We have an old civilization,
we will keep it alive even if it has been buried,
even if they stand in our way,
if they’re the most brilliant.

Rise, oh, my people,
to the highest levels of knowledge,
and sing, oh, sons of my mother,
the Arab lands are my home.”