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How to Fall in Love with Turkey Sandwiches

At the ripe old age of 30, I had my first turkey sandwich.

It was late at night. I was starving. There was a ready-made turkey sandwich in the fridge, and allergies be damned. Amazingly, nothing happened.

Since that fateful night, I’ve become obsessed with smoked turkey. I eat it almost every day. I love trying it with as many condiments as possible, from ranch to horseradish to dill mustard. I keep sampling the different brands too – my favorite is a brand called Salamah that was recommended by our neighborhood-deli guy, but it’s really expensive, so I keep trying different brands to find a cheaper one that tastes as good. I’m also really excited to try all the stuff I’ve never had the chance to taste in my life: turkey pizza, a real club sandwich, turkey sausages.

Maybe one day soon I’ll even brave eating a real turkey.

Turkey recommendations, anyone?

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  1. georgie

    Abela has an amazing italian brand of turkey cold cuts.. its called AIA, and its amazeballs. next time u go you should get some :)

  2. Every day .. every day *echo*

  3. Rami Haikal

    I’ll make you turkey caramels and toffee. They might taste good! Hehe

  4. Rami, hahaha dakheelak that sounds horrible!

    Haitham, ya-la moghayer il a7wal :)

    Georgie boy, I did try it last week! It’s amazing! Still expensive though at 17 :S

  5. Next up:
    A WHOLE STUFFED TURKEY; all by myself!

    *think of the endless retweets you’ll get* :P

  6. Nadine

    I like a turkey brand called Toul Karem, only brand of smoked turkey we eat at home since the day we tried it!

  7. Ang

    Honey mustard with brie and a slice of a granny smith apple, or a pear. Muenster cheese is also good–in that case I do cucumber and roasted red peppers.

    Enjoy your turkey journeys.

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