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So milk is apparently bad for you

All our lives we’ve been told to drink milk. Milk is good for your bones. Milk has a lot of healthy nutrients. Got milk?

I have bad news.

It turns out that the whole milk-is-good-for-you thing is just a huge marketing ploy by the dairy industry. We’ve been victim to this ploy since there was a milk surplus in the US after WWII.


I have shit news, too.

Milk might not simply be “just harmless” (jury’s out though). According to a study by Swiss researchers, milk consumption may be linked to bone fractures and early death. The dairy industry also has been forging partnerships with many restaurants and food manufacturers to get them to increase the amount of cheese used in food (extra cheesy pizza, anyone?), resulting in more saturated fat lining up our livers. Last year, another sweeping study found that women who drank two and a half or more glasses of milk a day had a higher fracture risk than their counterparts who drank less than one glass a day. An analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2014 concluded that “high intakes of dairy products…may increase total prostate cancer risk.”

Goodness gracious, is nothing safe to consume these days?

So, stop force-feeding your kids milk. Ask for less cheese with your pizza. And eat local, for heaven’s sake. Local cheese in Jordan is often made from sheep milk (i.e. Nabulsi cheese), and it is much better for you. You’ll also be supporting local businesses, who need your support much more than Kraft and Hajdu.

Here’s a great video about this (thanks Haitham!)




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  1. Rami Haikal

    Yammaaaaaa! I heard something like that 4 years ago but I didn’t research it enough.

  2. :(

    I saw this just 3 days ago!

  3. @Rami well you have nothing to worry about since you already eat your cereal without milk!

    @Haitham, a Vox article started my research :)

  4. Some time last year when our daughter was about to go “weaning” we talked to doctors and researched a bit about how much + which milk to give her. Along the way we discovered this thorny issue about milk! Full fat, semi-skimmed, or skimmed? 2 glasses, 4, or 8 glasses a day (some recommend 8 glasses until they are 15!!), etc .. etc.!

    It was really annoying (to say the least). What we do (and I am not happy about it to be honest) is we talk a moderate, sort of near average point of the most known views about milk! It is hard to stick to one path because the small nagging guilt of what-if keeps creeping in :(

    Thanks for this post, it is an important issue; it really is!

  5. Meshx86

    Too much if everything is not good for anyone’s health.

    Except for nabulsi chease I’ve been told stories in nablus about people recovering quicker from bone fractures because of eating it.

    Haitham, 8 glasses ? Cheesus!

    I can’t imagine my daughter having more than a glass of milk, maybe two max, one at breakfast and one before going to bed (that’s when body recovers/grows more).

    Speaking of which, I can’t find any milk here in Jordan remotely matches the taste of Australian milk.. It even makes the coffee tastier! I reckon haitham knows what am talking about, right mate ?

  6. @ Meshx86: two things; one 8 glasses = apologies, I wasn’t clear. That applies to adults (still a humongous number). Two, I do not drink milk! I am banned from it. I sometimes cheat and add it to my tea (I do not do coffee AT ALL :P) and it tastes wonderful (Scotland) but later on that day I regret it, deeply! :(

    I would be happy to go on a Nabulsi cheese & water diet for 6 months, I would! :D

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