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My dear idiot countrymen and women,

Thank you for jading me. Numbing me. Locking me into a bubble. Thank you for making me not care anymore, about anything, really.

Somewhere along the years, I’ve lost hope in you ever growing brains (or logic). At this point, I’m almost okay with your idiocy, because you’ve convinced me that we really don’t deserve music. Or fun. Or colors. Or happiness. Or a life in general.

I hope you rot in the misery of your disgusting thoughts.

The spring that never came:

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Baby talk


  1. Ralph

    Stupid Jordanians…..

  2. Quya

    It’s been obvious for years that there is no hope for this country. The fact that some people are even trying is sad. Just leave.

  3. Hamzeh

    I measure my mornings by counting the curse words I say on my way to work – insane driving habits! It is never zero, unfortunately.

    But hey, three people have commented so far. There is hope, at the end of a long, seemingly-never-ending, pitch black tunnel.

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