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I Successfully Ate Half a Smoked Turkey Sandwich

Okay, so turkey.

I have been exercising regularly for almost three months. I’ve never been much of an exercise person, so it’s actually a big deal for me. Being a child of the super-trackable, super-measurable internet world, I’ve found that systematically doing a body-composition analysis, on the (very) unreliable InBody analyzer, and logging the journey into an Excel sheet really helps me stay motivated.

Except that last month I only gained 100g of muscle. Not so good for motivation when you spend 5 hours each week tearing down your muscles in an attempt to grow them. I was speaking to a trainer about it when she asked me the dreaded question: are you consuming enough protein?

I’m getting 50g of protein on a good day, I said.

That’s not enough, she said. You need at least 120g, and that’s not enough even.

How the hell am I supposed to get a 120g?

Eggs. Tuna. Protein shakes.

I do all three above. That’s 62g. Where am I supposed to get the other 60g?

Meat. Chicken breast. Turkey.

But I’m allergic to chicken and turkey and I really am not a fan of red meat.


Fish in Amman? Are you crazy? I’m not rich.

And so, I must find new sources of protein.

After my bad experience with chicken in November, I went back to stubbornly avoiding poultry like the plague. The human brain is an amazing thing, isn’t it? I just did not want to feel that familiar chicken-induced nausea.

But after my conversation with the trainer, I had the fatalistic attitude of screw-everything-where-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-get-60g-of-protein-from. I got home, and without thinking or dreading, shoved down half a ready-made turkey sandwich that I found in the fridge.

And guess what?

Nothing happened.

No red dots on my tongue. No weird, bloated tummy. No feelings of nausea.

This is a really big deal because I’ve always been the sad child who ordered club sandwiches with one empty layer (where the turkey is supposed to be), and never had Hawaiian pizza (because they always make them with turkey or turkey pepperoni).

The turkey sandwich was even delicious, which chicken is not.


My life will change.

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  1. That is v good news :)
    Turkey is way better than chicken, surely!

    I liked the “successfully” in the title; I realise this is huge 4 you and the choice of words really express it.

    Protein, be aware! :D

  2. Indeed! I think it is the first “successful” experience :)

  3. Yanone

    No need to kill animals for your nutrition.
    Let me google that for you:

    Basically: nuts, hommous, foul, lentils. And so on.

  4. Leila Dallal

    I’ve decided to be careful playing with allergies, and here’s my story… I am allergic to shrimp, but love it. 90% of the time nothing happens, the other 10% it looks like I’ve had Botox injection to the lips. So, when it’s a jumbo fresh out of the ocean home grilled shrimp, I had figured it is worth the risk to taste one. But then, one of my friends was the same way with avacado, and she actually went into anaphylaxis shock and had to be hospitalized. The doctor said there is no such thing as a mild allergy because this could happen anytime you expose your body to known food allergen. So, I haven’t had shrimp in years. And i don’t eat meat other than fish but I do eat a lot of tofu, rice & beans. Good luck.

  5. @Leila, did you diagnose it with a blood test though?

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