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[Review] I Really Enjoyed Batman vs. Superman: Critics Need to Chillax

Dude, really, everyone needs to chill out. I won’t go as far as amazing, but the movie was actually good.

A note, first: I have never been a movie or a TV person, but I’ve been a reader of both comic books and sci-fi/fantasy since I was a child.

Enter Batman vs. Superman. And some spoilers, but not really.

I entered the movie theater expecting a train wreck, because the Internet has been going APE SHIT CRAZY about how it is the worst comic book movie of all time. OF ALL TIME? The Internet is weird sometimes. In reality, I was pleasantly surprised to see an exciting, fun, and action-filled movie that has gotten me really excited about all the DC movies coming up.

I blame the drama on Nolan. Obviously, his Batman Trilogy is amazing, but Batman’s comic books are not that grim, nor are they so exceedingly double stuffed with messaging. The darkness worked well with Nolan’s trilogy, but it absolutely does not and should not have to set the tone for every new superhero movie.

That isn’t to say that Batman vs. Superman is perfect. Four things really pissed me off.
1. Batman is not a dumb-ass. He is the smartest guy on Earth.
2. Superman is not a grim, weak, and uncertain little boy (Come on, it’s SUPERMAN).
3. Lex Luthor is an evil genius, not a mentally-unstable madman.

But even with these blatant mistakes, the movie still is enjoyable, and I can’t believe I have to wait till May for the next comic-book movie.


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  1. My on / off-line life, lately, has been hugely trapped between: 1- what a laaaaaaaaaaame movie, I want my money/time back & 2- shush-up, no spoilers!
    I am not a big fan of either to be honest. Sure I have read the comics while little but not enthusiastically. I have not seen Nolan’s trilogy and if I remember correctly the last time I saw a batman film was when jim carry was in it. My superman memories in film are solely linked to richard pryer :).

    I do not think I am going to watch this one but who knows.

    Your note # 4 is one I heard more than once! :)
    & in closing, it is good to know who is the smartest guy is (was?). Finally, I know who I am competing against (but I have better hair though) :P

  2. Right? The internet loves talking about it. It’s really funny. I would recommend you watch the Nolan Batman movies. They’re less about the comic books and more about Nolan being really good at what he does :)

  3. maqui

    people were conditioned so well by marvel that when something good with a dark ton and edginess came out they shat all over it because they werent quipping nonsensical lines goofing around womanizing or dancing mid battle (i love guardians but holy shit was that scene just asinine and nearly ruined the whole movie)

    BVS got everything right that has been so wrong in super hero movies but because it didnt go the way it would in marvel it was an awful movie

    i like marvel but other than cap all of there movies to me are just OK there are some good scenes but the movies as a whole not good loki is still the best thing they got going for them too

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