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Second and third experience with chicken… good and not so good

Being Allergic to Chicken
Discovering that my Chicken Allergy is Gone
This Was the First Bite of Chicken in My Life

Experience #2 – the good: I’ve never really liked shawerma, and never understood why so many people are obsessed with it. When I ask, the answer has always been “Because lamb shawerma is crap”. That’s why my second bite of chicken ever was a bite from Rami’s chicken shawerma platter from Karam.

The verdict: Hmm, is that zaatar? It tastes like zaatar. I can’t taste any chicken, actually. The garlic sauce is awesome. I feel like I’m eating zaatar with garlic. Does chicken shawerma always taste so mild? It doesn’t taste like lamb shawerma at all. It is definitely better than lamb shawerma. It’s also not as crinkly dry around the edges. Interesting. I really love the zaatar taste. And yaaay, no stupid onions in my sandwich. The texture is nice, sort of like tuna melt. Not too chewy. Not bad!

So, what’s your favorite shawerma place?

Chicken shawerma: 7/10

Experience #3 – the really bad: Yesterday, I ate two little baby carrots that spent the day getting roasted in the same pot as some chickens. The dish was completely homemade. I didn’t eat any chicken, just the carrots.

Within seconds, my mouth, throat, and face were itching madly; I had little red dots on my tongue; and I spent two hours feeling like I was about to throw up. All this from two baby carrots.

What the hell, body? What the hell?

And I was so looking forward to having turkey for the first time in my life tonight. Now I won’t dare.


This was my first bite of chicken in life


Don’t Double Dip You Nasty Loser


  1. Meshx86

    Fokkek men akel barra, 5alli mamtek te3mallek msa55an, good in winter, + shorabet 3adas, basal a5dar, y7obbath 5obez el msa55an taboon.

    Am sick of non home made food, except for Mexican Guzman y Gomez

  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Zatar! Hmmmmm :)
    I don’t have a fav shawerma anymore. I ate way too much for a 2 decades to come. Enough! But I am glad u liked it. 7 / 10 is pretty good.

    Sorry to hear about the other experience! I cannot imagine all that happening in a few seconds! Slamat

    Zaatar! (mosh rakbeh ma3i lissa* :D

  3. Well done!

    I’ve read your descriptive journey of how you overcame your allergy fears, and I really appreciate your writings and sharing your experience because I’ve been in your shoes!

    It took me over than three years to overcome my seafood allergy fears. But my experience wasn’t as bad as yours; as seafood isn’t that popular where I grew up, Amman, and you have described my exact feelings with my first bites of fish (Grilled Salmon was my first craving of choice).

    That made me some sort of specialized with non-seafood, and I’m telling you; Chicken Shawarma is the worst. Most of the Chicken Shawarma I’ve ever tried in Amman (if not all of them) had an enormous amount of salt; so you better make sure to dehydrate with lots of water.

    That’s being said; I’m not a big fan of Chicken Shawarma, however, the only Chicken Shawarma in Amman that I would crave for and would consider eatable is Fares’ (Swaifeyeh, the backside road of Fo’ad Supermarket). But you have to have the whole Arabi Meal experience, with the whole dipping, salad and pickles plates combination.

    Other than that; don’t make eating out a habit! Especially that you don’t have the allergy issue anymore now.

    Just stick to homemade food! That’s my advice!

  4. @Mesh, I like good food, bara or jowa :D And this one was homemade. I’m actually afraid of homemade food because it’s when my allergy is most severe. Maybe it’s the way we cook chicken, or a combination of the spices we use and the chicken itself. I don’t know.

    @Haitham, maybe it isn’t Zaatar. That’s just what it tasted like to me. Not hardcore… more like zaatar nashef used as spices. I’m not even sure :)

    @Ziad, the fact that it took you more than three years to overcome your fears gives me hope. People don’t understand the fear.
    I have gotten a lot of great feedback about Fares – must check it out after I become brave enough to try again :) I’m actually afraid of homemade food because it’s when my allergy is most severe. Maybe it’s the way we cook chicken, or a combination of the spices we use and the chicken itself. I don’t know.

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