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This was my first bite of chicken in life

Being Allergic to Chicken
Discovering that my Chicken Allergy is Gone

If you’ve never had chicken before in your life, what would you choose to try for your very first time?

My choice, a week after discovering that my allergy is gone, was one of the things I’ve been craving since I was a very little girl, sitting sadly at the fast-food joint and watching my brothers munch-away with jealousy. It was always completely off limits, with zero friendly options. Even their famous mash and gravy had little pieces of chicken.

Can you make a guess?

Popeyes… Fake, oily, deliciously and disgustingly processed junk food.

A few days ago, Popeyes was my first taste of poultry, ever.


Rami, my wonderful fiance and guide on this chicken culinary journey, got me chicken tenders.

(Let’s just take a minute to repeat that. He got ME CHICKEN tenders. Whoa.)

He said the tenders are not as “stinky” as other things on the menu. After an hour of pep talk, I shoved that first bite into my mouth.

It’s strange trying food for the first time. Everything is weird… the texture, the way it gets chewed, the flavour.

The texture of the chicken was very, very strange for me. Is it always that dry? The fibers are much more separated than in fish and in other sorts of meat. It felt like someone pulled the fibers apart and then put them back together in a square, before frying it in Cajun batter. It was also really, really chewy, leaving a strange sticky sensation on my teeth. Sort of like when you eat Twizzlers. Is that just Popeyes, or is chicken always like that in texture and chewiness? The taste of the chicken itself was alright, definitely not as bad as I expected, but really, really bland. Sort of like cardboard.

The Cajun spices were amazing though. They tasted as good as the smell I’ve imagined my entire life. That was pleasant.

My stomach didn’t feel too well after eating two tenders. I didn’t get the itchy allergic reaction I used to get, so that’s great. Rami tells me that of course my stomach didn’t feeling well… It’s oily, disgustingly processed Popeyes, after all.

So there. My first experience with chicken.

Popeyes: 5/10
Cajun spices: 10/10
Chicken: 1/10

I’m not even sure you can separate the Cajun rating from the Popeyes rating. I’ve never had that flavor before.

What do you think? Also, make suggestions. What should my next meal be?


Chicken… Here I come


Second and third experience with chicken… good and not so good


  1. Hi Roba,

    Congratulations on your first chicken bite!

    I hope this will be the first step in a long journey through the world of chicken wonders. i thought to recommend Nandos’ peri peri flame-grilled chicken. According to trusted sources, this is the best chicken in the history of homo sapiens.


  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    I am Roba, the chicken-sailor woman :)

    It was interesting to read your descriptive “journey”, it really was!
    Last time I had Popeyes was in 2002. I remember it because it was my last year at uni. The branch was literally 3 minutes away from our flat and we were regular customers. It always tasted yummy but obviously not very good to one’s body, not at all nutritious.

    El-muhim you are 100% sure now you can “consume” that weird bland texture from now on. I do not have much suggestions I am afraid. For a while now I am “away” from eating outside, no matter how tempting it is. I would say a home-cooked meal would be ideal but that needs planning (to say the least), I know that very well! :D

    Maybe shish taouk? To me it is the nearest in taste to fish. It largely depends on how you season it but all in all it is a fine choice in my book.

    Sa7tain Roba

  3. Laith

    Hey Rubs,

    If you want some really good fried chicken, you better head out to Mario’s in Tandem. You can even ask for shisha there if you like :D.

  4. ~~Silk

    Your description of the texture and taste agrees with mine. Chicken comes in “white meat” and “dark meat”. The white comes from the breast and back, and I also find it dry, tasteless, and stringy, and like it only when cooked in small cubes in a sauce. The dark meat comes from the legs (thigh and drumstick) and wings, and it’s much more moist and flavorful, and has a softer texture. I recommend that your next attempt be dark meat, preferably cooked with a glaze or marinade — not breaded.

  5. Craig

    Gratz Roba!

    I think chicken is always kinda bland. My favorite is El Pollo Loco. Roasted on a spit over an open flame, and served on tortillas. Filipinos have a good way of cooking chicken as well, with some kind of lemon sauce, but I have no idea how they do that or where you can get it outside of the Philippines.

  6. Chris

    I say simply try away. Trial and error. Anything can be bland if, well, that particular serving is bland. Chicken varies just like with anything. It’s extremely versatile, more than most meats, probably why I love it so. Great in Chinese food. Ooh, wow, I could go for a hefty chicken salad sandwich right about now, those can be grand :D

  7. Joey_33

    Silk, in the comment above, is right – try some dark meat, not tenders, which are white meat (white meat is preferred in the U.S. because we’re mostly descended from Germans, English, Irish, and Eastern Europeans with no concept of taste; dark meat is preferred in the rest of the world and is far superior). Go back and get a 2 piece leg and thigh meal, and enjoy. Congratulations!

  8. @Yousef: I hated Nando’s as a kid cause they didn’t have ANY non-chicken options. It was such torture when we went there!

    @Haitham, haha, I’ll try my best to be descriptive. Yes, many people are saying sheesh taouk, but isn’t it a bit dry?

    @Laith, what’s Tandem?

    @Silk, ahh… It seems I will have to brave my fears again. I love glaze though! And nice to hear from you :)

    @Craig, that does sound good. Pit roasting isn’t something done in this part of the world — so it’ll be hard to do that.

    @Chris, sounds good to know.

    @Joey, I do agree that a drum stick looks much better than a breast, but I guess it also looks more “Chickeny” :) and I am.. ah… a chicken

  9. Laith

    @Roba: Laff, Autocorrect on my phone spelling RABIEH as tandem :S. Hisham knows where the place is if you’re going to consider giving another go at fried chicken.

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