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Chicken… Here I come

I’m thirty. I’ve never had chicken in my life, because I’ve been allergic since before I can even remember.

But allergies — especially those developed when really young — are supposed to fade with age, so I decided to get tested earlier this month.

The pleasant surprise: my allergy is gone.

Just like that.

Imagine. I’m a thirty-year-old person who has never had chicken shawerma. Turkey. Msakhan. Nuggets. Wings. Farooj. Popeyes. Chicken soup. Smoked turkey and cheese. Jaj mahshi. Sheesh tawuk. Drums. A club sandwich.

You get the point.

With one blood test, a whole new world has opened up. A world where I don’t have to pack my meals to dinner parties, and where I don’t have to be phobic about whether or not that piece of lettuce was touching the chicken in the caesar salad. IT DOESN’T MATTER ANY MORE IF YOU USED CHICKEN BROTH TO COOK THOSE VEGETABLES.


Now begins a journey too strange for me to not share… The journey into poultry.

Of course, it’s not easy. I associate the flavor of chicken with holding my hair out of my face, while bending over the sink and throwing my guts out. The smell, which I recognize better than you do, is the smell of fear.

But I’m going to face my fear and embrace a culinary journey.

Chicken… Here I come.




This was my first bite of chicken in life


  1. Meshx86

    Congrats & Enjoy !

    starting with shawerma might not be smartest idea, people who didn’t have allergy literally died eating shawerma in jordan “The Mayonnaise Fiasco”.

    There isn’t a Nando’s in Jordan is there ?

  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Glad to hear your allergy is gone. It is amazing how our bodies work, really!

    U chicken away, full-blast :) – I wonder what your 1st encounter will be! *mansaf 3a jaj* ? :P

  3. Chris

    I’m so happy for you. Why? Well I’ll tell you. First, it’s safer that way, that’s good, and secondly: chicken is awesome! It’s my favorite in its eatery realm. I’ve eaten so much of it that I could’ve built a bridge from here to Amman with it. The Transcontinental Chicken Bridge. Yum. Enjoy :)

  4. @Mesh, heyeh wa2afat 3al shawerma? :D

    @Haitham, isn’t it! Hahaha, and no, I’ll start proceessed food :)

    @Chris, loool I guess it will take years for that to sound appetizing to me.

  5. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Tell us how (& how much!) it goes :)

  6. F. A.

    Hey Roba, never thought I’d be commenting but needs must.
    I’m not sure who suggested allergies go away.. or antibodies to be more specific. Antibodies can decrease to levels undetectable by our current testing methods or simply tested without proper calibration or QA which might make them look like they’re gone but allergies certainly don’t vanish.
    That’s not to say you can’t eat chicken.. you just need to reintroduce it gradually and it won’t hurt.
    Also, send a blood sample to a reference lab, preferably a registered accredited one. Just be careful. Also, allergy or not.. overeating is never good :)

  7. Thank you F.A. for your inputs :)
    Will certainly go slowly!

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