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You can just forget everything happening around you

Look into this hypnotizing GIF and forget journalists being beheaded so close to home. Look into this and forget about how your fellow Jordanians are going ape-shit over a pajama party. IT’S JUST A GODDAMN PAJAMA PARTY YOU STUPID MORONS. Who cares if people want to do that? Look at this and forget about how extremist assholes are screwing families overs by the thousands.


Via BoingBoing


Magenta is not a color


Here’s what it feels like to really, really love a font


  1. Chris

    Awesome GIF. What’s this PJ party “controversy” about? Can’t seem to locate online. Hey, a wheelie bin. Yeah, a wheelie bin. A bin with wheels. Haha. And google image it, it’s all hilarious. LOL #Levity You know, come think of it, I throw down the Ice Bucket Challenge to you. Don’t be shy! ;)

  2. someone wanted to throw a pajama party and jordan went nuts about how it is stupid until government intervened. i mean, it is stupid, but WHO CARES? people are walking around in their pajamas all day in this country anyway

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