The Most Epic Picture of Wearable Technology

From io9:

By the 1990s, Ryan shows, wearable tech meant cyborgs. A group of self-proclaimed cyborgs started MIT’s Borg Lab, (all Star Trek references intended). Thad Starner (far right in the picture), now a manager on the Google Glass project, along with a group of his colleagues, began experimenting with what he called “‘the real personal computers’—as opposed to PCs.”

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  1. Craig

    August 3, 2014 @ 3:50 pm

    They were pretty hardcore nerd, but wearable technology is a dead end. What we need is an advanced neural interface, like this but better:

    Combine with a cyberjack and we’ll be able to navigate cyberspace using nothing but our minds. Course, that won’t be much fun without a virtual reality representation of the online world. But once we get all that, we’ll be where William Gibson was at in 1984. Cept for the AI. But artificial intelligences are always assh*les anyway, so maybe we should skip that part…

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