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Exactly how I feel towards football

Whole clip on BoingBoing


Stop Yourself from Referring to the Abdali Project as “Downtown”. It Is Not Downtown.


Goodbye Daniel Keyes, Author of “Flowers for Algernon”


  1. Ehab

    You must be suffering these days :)

  2. haitham

    I got over it a while ago and now I am -totally- on the other side!

    My response now is: “nOW, I am a practitioner not a viewer” :)

  3. Haitham, did I ever tell you how awesome you are? Seriously. Your engagement on the blog means the world to me :)

  4. haitham

    Oh thx for saying that Roba. Blv me it is for the awesome content u provide us with.

    There r plenty of great blogs out there but yrs simply makes us want to comment, not just view, smile, and learn from it.

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