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Haribo candy, in order of yumminess

I clearly remember one wish I made as a five-year-old girl. We lived on a rooftop apartment in Riyadh, and it was late at night right before bedtime.

I closed my eyes really tight and wished that one day I could eat all the Haribo I ever wanted.

It was a wish that quickly came true, even before I was old enough to go to the store to choose my own candy. It is a wish that still comes true, almost every day — dental health be damned.

Haribo candy, in order of yumminess:

1. Haribo Tropic Fruit

2. Haribo Raspberry

3. Haribo Cherries

4. Haribo Strawberry

5. Haribo Funny Mix

6. Haribo Cola

7. Haribo Worms

8. Haribo Dinosaurs

9. Haribo Gummy Bears

10. Haribo Crocs

11. Haribo Jelly Beans

12. Haribo Banana

13. Haribo Peaches

14. Haribo Rainbow Bars


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  1. juju

    are you paid for such posts?

  2. I wish! I’d ask to be paid in unlimited amounts of candy.

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