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Can you tell which of these Ikea rooms is real and which is 3D?

Here’s a little pop quiz for you.

These are three images of Ikea rooms. One is completely real, one is completely 3D, and one is half 3D and half real. Can you guess which is which? And don’t give me any excuse about them being photos of photos… some of my friends already guessed correctly :)

Ikea, 3D or not?

Ikea, 3D or not?

Ikea, 3D or not?

We were given this pop quiz at the IKEA Communication studio in Almhult, Sweden.


Review: Food Box Co.


What’s it like inside Europe’s largest photo studio? IKEA Communications AB


  1. Gus

    The one in the middle!

  2. MF

    I guess the 1st is real. 2nd is 3D. 3rd is mix :)

  3. Ahmad Khreisat

    I would say the first is 3D, the second is real and the third is mix!
    will u post the answer?

  4. Yousif Jawher

    I agree with Ahmad Khreisat. 1) Real 2) 3D 3) Mix

  5. 1st is real, 2nd is mix, 3rd is is 3d :)

  6. MF

    *makes an appointment with the optometrist*

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