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Review: Food Box Co.

Yesterday, the guys over at Food Box Co. sent me some things to try out. It was quite a pleasant experience.

I always loved the noodle-box concept, because it’s simple, quick, and easy-to-eat in an office environment. Food Box Co. delivers very well on that front… the branding is crisp, the die-cut of the boxes is absolutely gorgeous, and the experience is fuss-free and delicious at the same time.

My favorite item from the meals I tried was the spicy Chinese rice with peanuts and vegetables. I’m even already craving it; strongly recommended if you like spicy food.

To try Food Box Co., you can find them on the First Circle, or contact them at 079-979-8967.


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  1. super devoika

    I don’t know why but the rice just don’t look right. There are weird stuff poking out on the surface that I can’t understand what they are. I’m sorry but that particular photo don’t look appetizing at all.
    Nice concept and visuals though.

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