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Eww, European Cheese

I am very, very Arab about my cheese. I love the smooth deliciousness of halloum, the salty tinge of Nabulsi cheese, and the mild flavour of kashkawan (which is as yellow as I’m willing to go when it comes to cheese).

I can’t comprehend appreciation of stinky European cheeses… and I’m not talking about blue cheese. Swiss cheese smells like socks. Cheddar cheese tastes like a dirty factory. Gouda could be used as a stink bomb, as far as I’m concerned. Parmesan ruins my pasta.

You know, it’s strange though, my dislike of European cheese. I grew up in a household that always had a gazillion different kinds of dairy products in the fridge. With time, you’d think I’d have developed the taste for Swiss-cheese burgers that my brothers love or Craft “cheddar wheel” sandwiches that my mom is always trying to get me to eat. Or maybe… you know… I could have decided to develop a “sophisticated” taste palate and started going cheese tasting.

But no, thank you.

Oh, unless it’s brie. Then I’ll have some crackers with that.


On December


It all just fades away, doesn’t it?


  1. try American Heritage white cheese with black pepper corn, it should look something like this: with black-green cover instead red

  2. me

    kashkawan is not an Arab cheese.

  3. Khalid Jarrar

    cheese tasting in Jordan? where would that be?!

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