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Tuna drizzled with fresh lemon and olive oil

Come home from work craving a tuna sandwich. You love tuna sandwiches that are made in your house: mixed with a spoonful of mayonnaise or cream cheese, and covered with finely chopped carrots and lettuce.

Feel annoyed when you discover you’re out of mayo.

But you’re really craving tuna, and you’re too cold and tired to drive to the supermarket to get mayo.

And it hits you. The way your father fixed tuna for your family in the early 90’s, when mayo still wasn’t a staple condiment you find in every fridge.

Shove the canned tuna in a plate. Squeeze a cold, fresh lemon directly into it. Drizzle a healthy serving of olive oil. Char some pita bread by placing it directly on the stove’s flame.

Use the pita bread to scoop the tuna. Get your index finger and thumb to stink like tuna for a day afterwards from the scooping. Taste the delicious combination of fresh-pressed olive oil, lemon, cheap canned tuna, and charred pita bread.

Enjoy it tremendously.


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Flux: 2013


  1. Farah

    I would also recommend some chopped up onions to the mix. Yu-mmy.

  2. Sufian

    OMG Roba!
    Halla this classical delight has become an old thing! Ya 7aramik, mayo has never made it to my table yet and I still find this as the one and only way to eat and enjoy Tuna :D

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