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Iron Maiden Makes Millions by Using Piracy

From Boing Boing:

Iron Maiden hired a BitTorrent analytics company called Musicmetric to determine where piracy of their music was highest, then scheduled tours of those countries. They made millions touring Central and South America. Iron Maiden LLP has outperformed the UK music sector as a whole and was named one of the “1000 Companies That Inspire Britain” by the London Stock Exchange.

See? If you are smart about the new world and new media, you can make money instead of be an ass about it.


UPDATED: Sabat Istanbuly, Female Student at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania,1885


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  1. Haitham

    Smart Brits. Roba just to clarify, your title ‘Iron Maidens’ with an S refers to the all-girls cover band.

  2. Hahahaha you really cracked me up :)
    Typo from my side… fixed :)

  3. They Rock! Records companys and whatnot, are the tyrannies of the cyber world

  4. Craig

    Iron Maiden peaked when your mom was in high school, though, Roba. Sure, they can cash in if they can find their niche markets. I imagine they aren’t selling many albums anyway. Would this work for a current band, whose music is still in high demand?

  5. But come on… it’s Iron Maiden! :)

  6. Craig

    I’m happy for them, I spent a lot of hours annoying the neighbors playing their stuff at parties :)

    By the way, I tried to see the new Hobbit movie yesterday at my local IMAX but the holiday crowd defeated me! I’ll try aging after the new year. Are you going to review it for the blog?

  7. :( :( :( That’s so disappointing. But thank you for pointing it out Safiya :)

  8. Here’s my review: It’s well made, but it’s so epic to the point of being annoying. The Hobbit shouldn’t be epic. Enjoyable watch though… better than the first movie.

  9. Craig

    Thanks for your review, Roba. It was such a short book, I have no idea why he decided to cover it with a trilogy. I felt like a lot of the 1st one was just filler and gratuitous drama. Nice to hear the newest one is better, at least. Of course, I would see it no matter what, though :)

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