All Hail the Robot Unicorn

I’ve always had an obsession with two imaginary creatures: the robot and the unicorn.

I love the smart, logical robot because he’s all about science, technology, and rationality.

I love the magical, beautiful unicorn because she’s all about happiness, fantasy, and rainbows.

Both robots and unicorns poop on reality, and they both bring me infinite amounts of joy.

During my birthday in July, my awesome friends wanted to throw me a birthday party themed around unicorns and robots. It was a surprise party, but they successfully sneaked in a question about how I would feel about a robotic unicorn. At that time, I told them that it was the worst idea I ever heard, because unicorns and robots represent the opposite sides of what I love.

I mean… come on. One is magical and fantastical and happy, and the other is a real possibility that is still harsh and heartless and cold. A robotic unicorn ruins both, I said, because a robot can’t be a unicorn and a unicorn can’t be a robot.

The days passed (and I did get a FREAKIN’ AWESOME unicorn-themed birthday party).

Then, last week, the friend who asked me about how I feel towards a robotic unicorn sent me this image…

…and my heart stopped beating from the gushing love.

Lo and behold, a gorgeous robotic unicorn with a rainbow for a tail. It’s sooo beautiful.

Now I want to build myself a robotic unicorn…

P.S. Robot Unicorn Attack, the game, is AWESOME, and insane.

P.S.S. My awesome unicorn-themed birthday party:

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  1. Chris

    December 3, 2013 @ 4:29 am

    Robots are badass, rainbows are lovely, but unicorns are simply okay to me. Well, the Blade Runner scene & such with one is badass. But I’m happy that they bring you such happiness :) And a belated happy birthday. Starting to tick by really fast now, huh? Luckily I once sent you a red cane, it will soon come in handy, granny ;D

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