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Bingo Halls in Amman


Yahoo realizes it needs to start “acting its age”; mistakes that for dressing as granny instead


  1. Chris

    Perhaps a drummer. Nice. Constantinople’s are lovely *riddle* And Carakale. I’d like to try it. I bet it’s better than Petra. But I do know this: it wouldn’t be better than a glass of Guinness from a nitro-can, and a glass of St. Brendan’s Irish creme (or Baileys) mixed with whipped vanilla ice cream alongside it. Gorgeousness. Do try. It’s as soothing as being on the planet Zaramorpheus 6 while watching their Farah birds flocking in a purple sky. It’s that good ;)

  2. Actually, Petra is gross. It tastes like piss. My favorite local beer will always be Amstel :) These guys are new, I only tried this
    “special” brew. I guess I’ll be able to judge them better after I’ve tried their regular draught.

  3. Chris

    Petra does suck. I had it years ago. It’s 8%, solidly a malt liquor, and as a low-frills lager too: yikes. Besides my darlings, Guinness and Murphy’s, I like a lager or ale with nicely toasted barley, not too sweet, and a comfy hop bitterness. Warsteiner dunkel isn’t special but I’ve been enjoying it lately. My staple brews, my Irish cremes, another beer that tickles my fancy for a while, and occasionally some red wine: that’s what I roll with. None of that whiskey, rum or vodka etc fruity cocktail crap for me. “To alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” – H.S. *hiccup*

  4. Tony

    I’ve tried Petra beer with a couple of friends in Petra , Jordan! Its a great beer to wash down a big barque meal. That beer made my night!

    Does anyone know how I can get some in the US ?

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