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Gangs of the World

Of course, I think that Latin American countries are awesome for standing up to the big bully that is the USA, but the writing of the piece above is hilarious.

In Snowden going to start World War 3?



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  1. Craig

    I don’t know what the problem is. Didn’t everyone in the whole world, including governments and internet corporations, agree that all information is public and should be freely available and easily accessible? Snowden is just helping us all reach our goals.

    As for the Bolivian marxist, where the hell did he even get a plane? Shouldn’t he be flying coach on passenger jets in the name of social justice?

  2. Ironically, Israel surrounded late Yasser Arafat at the county in a way that humiliated all Arab World, and yea they responded like they always do.

    Snowedn is going to be a one of two things: a spark that leads to war, or yet another piece of wood in the big freakin war fire.

    here is a third option being pro conspiracy theorist and devil advocate according to some :P

    what if this is just another multi-purpose US play to measure responses ?

    you know US Passports have an RFID chips that are traceable, well i don’t know about CIA agents, but i don’t think it is difficult for the greatest nation of all times to track down their agent and catch him.

    If i were the US, and i want to enter a war, i would ignite something, fake, like what happened in World war II of entering the war on purpose; i would also make sure that my enemies will believe am weak and can’t catch an agent.


  3. Neither can I! :)

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