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Don’t Condition Your Daughters to Be Princesses Instead of Engineers

Here’s a really awesome ad for a really awesome toystore. They make engineering toys for girls, instead of the regular gross “Ooh, why don’t you be a princess when you grow up” bullshit.

If you have daughters, make sure you don’t condition them to become future housewives with zero intellect and no passions. Women are the future of our backward nation.


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  1. Farah Al Amin

    In her paper, Vindication of the Rights of Women, Mary Wollstonecraft discusses how the prevailing opinion renders women as fellow creatures and subordinates and mere sensual objects created for the pleasure of the higher sex. Women are considered “creatures of sensation” and it’s their duty to ensure that the master is always entertained and pleased. A role that can barely exceed that of a beautiful caged bird. Therefore, sensation became women’s only territory, and within its boundaries only, they are allowed and encouraged to develop. For this reason, she claims, women believe that “should they be beautiful, everything else is needless”. This is exactly the idea that the “pink aisle” falls under.

    Thank you Roba :)

  2. haha I love it :D

  3. my wife can still engineer a dish of magloobeh for me every night

    but seriously nice clip

  4. Dana

    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with housewives!! :) I totally support your message, but I’m afraid the way it’s put might cause a backfire instead.

  5. Dana, I DO have issues with housewives. I feel like they are a burden on society. I do NOT have any issue with stay-at-home moms, they are wonderful women who work hard at raising future generations, and motherhood is NOT an easy job.

  6. Dana

    It’s certainly interesting, and helpful, that you make a distinction, especially since many housewives here in the Gulf delegate motherhood. I guess empowerment is about allowing women choices, but that’s no guarantee they’ll make the “right” ones!

  7. “Delegate motherhood”, nice :)

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