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Things that piss me off

Not just piss me off. Rage. Inability to function. ANGER.

1. A slow Internet connection.
2. A laggy computer.
3. Buffering YouTube videos.
4. People who speak in a low voice (also, inaudible noise thanks to a broken headset).
5. Bad kerning.
6. Terrible re-designs.
7. Bad user experience.
8. Run-on sentences.


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  1. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for you–allowing such trivial things to throw you into a rage. Is your world that small? What would you do if you had a life-threatening illness?

  2. Craig

    Hell yeah. Like a dude who uploads a youtube video of himself talking about something nobody cares about and he’s mumbling “blah blah blah” while he’s got his own custom soundtrack drowning himself out. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Sometimes I wish there was a way we could vote to kick people off the internet. But then it wouldn’t be the internet anymore, would it? Run-on sentences can be an art form, though. Especially when somebody manages to write an essay-long sentence without technically violating any rules of grammar.

  3. Nour

    You should visit a psychiatrist to deal with your narcissism

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