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Shut Down the Press

In Jordan, the press is stupid.

In Jordan, the press stupidifies the public.

In Jordan, the press needs to be shut down. They do much more harm than good, and even as someone who likes to be in the know, I’d rather have no information at all than shitloads of bad information.

Shut down the press.

Maybe you can only fight stupidity with stupidity.

Shut down the press.


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Things that piss me off


  1. Swan Lake


    Reminds me of the dark ages, when people used to burn ‘witches’ to death…

    May be in the future we will witness burning these ‘Satanic’s in the Roman Theatre!

    Swan Lake

  2. juju

    we should burn that stupid mahmod kreshan!

  3. What’s very sad is that he writes in Al-dustoor, not some new shady newspaper but one of the oldest newspapers in Jordan’s history. What an awful article.

  4. Omar

    How about we all email/write aldastour newspaper complaining of the low grade journalism

  5. Someone in the government today made your wish come true

  6. Hareega, hahahahahahahahaha.

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