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How creepy is it that this what Jerry Seinfeld looks like today

So I somehow came over a recent picture of Jerry Seinfeld.

He looks like this today:

At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Is that really him? The Jerry of my youth?

So I googled pictures of him.

And shit, he really does look like your next door 3amo.

Growing up is creepy, brother.


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  1. Craig

    Who cares about that dude? Julia Louis-Dreyfus still looks great!

  2. me

    I think he looks exactly as I would expect him to look in his 50’s. He hasn’t changed much. Hasn’t gained a lot of weight and his face is pretty much the same. The glasses are ok and his hair is still there only shorter (it’s not even gray). In short I think he aged pretty well. He still looks himself only 15 years older. Hasn’t turned into a pathetic middle age man who wants to look like a teenager.

  3. n.zeineddine

    Oooh nooooo… Newman!!

  4. bashbash

    He looks fine! You know he is 59 years old!

    Oh my how time passes. It seems like it was only yesterday that I watched the series finale of Seinfeld.

    Roba the song is for you:

  5. Hahaha thanks! :)

  6. haitham

    What happened between now and then ;D

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