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Electricity, the Internet, and a Photoshoot: My Interview on MyKali

Head on over to MyKali to read the interview I was telling you about earlier.

The photoshoot is beyond AWESOME, themed around some of the things I love most in life: wires, computers, the color red, and grids. There is a lot of water in the shoot too, which was really strange to me because as a technophile, I get really freaked out when water gets anywhere near my technology (short circuits, urgh). I love how the resulting photoshoot is more of a futuristic art piece than a collection of photographs, thanks to the unbelievable talent of art director and editor of MyKali and the wonderful Raneem AlDawood.

The photoshoot was unbelievably fun, and seeing it combined with the interview is awesome:

For an interconnected system for the distribution of electricity, water is an excellent conductor. You can become electricity’s path to the ground if you are touching water that touches electricity. Have you been electrified by her too? Monochrome, the 1960s lines, and checks! Paralleled with her online origins, downloaded from an indefinite sphere system, and obsessed with those straight-lines, tempted to touch! She’s no less than a framework of mesh, water-wired, off the grid and by the line. Roba Al-Assi is one fine geometry, marked with crossed lines! My.Kali follows an un-pixelated vibe.

[Read full interview on MyKali]

I won’t give away all the shots, you can check them out in the article, but here are a few:

You can take a look at the rest of the pictures here on MyKali

The amount of work put into the photoshoot was amazing. Here are pictures of the wonderful make up artist Nada AlAgha, and hairstylist Mahmoud Karajoghly (I wish I knew how to style my hair like that).

Kali touching up the set:

Genius contraption to come up with the back-lit PC effect:

Mahmoud and I taking a look at the outfits (it was freeeeezing):

This was my view as they were taken pictures of me:

Kali showing me how to pose:

Mutual love:

Take a look at the interview here > > >

Stay updated with MyKali’s awesome work on their Facebook page here > > >


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