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I love David Bowie


Is this task worth automating?


On April


  1. In which case you should know that I am ‘Major Tom’! 1969 was a good year to be 29 and in London!

  2. Chris

    4 sure #Prince A lot a Bowie and Zeppelin for me in high school. And many, many more (duh!). I like ’90s Bowie too. 2000-, ehhhh. I’m sure you really love some of the earlier space themes. And I’m with you. You know, the last time I saw the Smashing Pumpkins a few months back, they did a damn good “Space Oddity.” I sure liked that. You wanna launch to space and meet a hot human-cybertronic-Bowie-like-universe-astronaut. With a beard. That’s right! Enjoy the Fairuz ;)

  3. Chris

    * ’80s Bowie too. 1990-, ehhhh. * #Correction #Oops

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