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In Case You Needed Any More Proof That Jimmy Page is AWESOMEEEEE


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  1. Chris

    Is this a music blog now? Hello, DJ Red. I’m most definitely not complaining, just saying ;) Yeah, he is the man, but I actually like others violin bow stuff better. But he’s/they’re hard to top when they’re rocking it right. I read the other day that when Page met Jeff Buckley, they both cried. Page as Buckley’s idol, Buckley as someone Page saw himself in. Honestly, I’ve never been a Buckley fan. “Hallelujah?” I don’t much care for it. But many sure do. Whatever. I mean, I could listen to Communication Breakdown three times in about the space of that snoozer. I might do it right now. Shit yes!

  2. Craig

    I think Jimmy Page is the only reason I ever liked Zeppelin. They were on of few bands more my parent’s generation than mine that appealed to me when I was a teenager. To be honest I always thought they were trash during live performances. I liked their studio cuts a whole lot better.

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