Jordan’s Armed Forces at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

We really, really need to see more of Jordan’s marching bands locally.

Imagine if all the beautiful things you see in this march like the attention to detail, orderliness, celebration of cultural differences within Jordan, etc. became a part of every Jordanian.

3 thoughts on “Jordan’s Armed Forces at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo”

  1. A most impressive display. And a cute coincidence. The manuscript which is my current ‘work in progress’ is set in 2016, on the eve of Scottish independence! Just yesterday I wrote a scene set on the last night of the Tattoo in August 2015!

    Ah, bagpipes! My office in Abu Dhabi used to overlook the Corniche and watching the pipes and drums of the Abu Dhabi police marching by was inspiring for a wandering Scot!

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