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15 Things to Make February Better

I recently discovered that there are two winters.

The first winter lasts till December, so your blood is still warm from the long summer. It’s also the festive season, and you’re constantly doing things, shopping for presents, getting invited to dinners, and planning your holidays. The first winter isn’t bad.

It’s the second winter — the one that comes after the new year — that really sucks your soul. It’s the unnecessary stretch of time where the cold had time to settle into your bones and the world is drained out of energy. The second winter isn’t poetic, it’s just harsh.

February is the peak of the second winter. I don’t like February.

But my February wasn’t bad. It was just… chilled out.

Here are 15 ways to make Februarys better:

1. Pretend it’s the summer. Chop all your hair off and go platinum blond.

platinum blond

2. Find three different versions of your favorite magazine in one day and be ecstatically happy.


3. Be pleasantly surprised when your baby brother buys you chocolate.


4. Appreciate the weather in Dubai when your company chooses the perfect month to fly you there. Refuse to sit in the shade.

bayt dubai

5. Wish that you had a large body of water near you.

the sea

6. Ignore winter. Eat lots of ice cream.

roba ice cream

7. Ignore winter. Make rainbow cupcakes.


8. Have a barbecue that one weekend when the weather is nice. Make sure the boys do all the work.

9. Take a picture of all of your friend’s fedoras, because, why not?

10. Watch people dress up on a casual Thursday at your favorite tea bar.

11. Make the big decision of changing your cigarette brand.

12. Play Cluedo at 11:00PM on a weekday in an excessively cute coffee shop.

13. Appreciate walls, and the things walls say.

14. Eat Karamils.

15. Attend every gig in town.

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  1. Anonym

    I LOVE IT !!

  2. Craig

    Wow! I never realized Fedoras were so popular! :)

  3. And they all belong to 1 person!

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