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Month: January 2013

Blouzaat Meets Jo Bedu

Something really beautiful happened this weekend; two amazing things from Amman came together and bred a lovechild. An angry-yet-bubbly, an aggressive-yet-friendly, a harsh-yet-colorful lovechild.

Blouzaat is now at Jo Bedu, and the result is uncomfortable genius.

The line just doesn’t make sense, yet it makes perfect sense. It also makes me love Jo Bedu so much more more.

You can purchase the Blouzaat line by visiting the Jo Bedu store.

Akher Zapheer – Arba3 Sneen اخر زفير – أربع سنين

Akher Zapheer just release a video for “Arba3 Sneen”, one of the tracks on their debut album “Converse Culture”:

You might remember my review of their first single, “Akhero Lahen Hazeen“, where I was particularly touched by how Ammani everything was. This video does not have as many familiar scenes, but that makes you appreciate the music so much more.

What I enjoy about this particular track is that it isn’t so polished. There’s a seething intensity quietly boiling by pain so naked and personal. All this is exacerbated by beautiful dynamics, being soft and quiet and then loud and hard.

“Arba3 Sneen” is a great sampler from “Converse Culture”, an album that is an excavation of loneliness, melancholy, and desperation. You can hear the tracks of the album on Akher Zapheer’s YouTube page.

These are dark and anxious waters.

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