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In Praise of Nivea

Goodness isn’t about the advertising campaign or how expensive a skincare product is, but often, our capitalist society makes you forget that.

That’s why this post is about Nivea: simple, thick, creamy Nivea, which makes amazing products that have made the past few years of my life oh-so-much-better. You see, I suffer from dry skin, and at different points, I tried everything available in the market from overpriced Clinique to medical creams recommended by the pharmacist with scary names and even scarier packaging. Nothing worked.

Then one day, the neighborhood’s corner store was selling discounted Nivea, and I couldn’t say no to a huge tub of moisturizer that was selling for 1JD. At that point, I hadn’t used Nivea as a brand since I was a child, because it never occurred to me somehow.

The package claimed that the cream can be used for the face, the body, and hands. I was skeptical at first, especially in this day’s disgusting trend towards overspecialization, where you’re not supposed to even use freakin’ face cream around the “sensitive eye area”. But then I thought WTF, and tried it on my face too, and oh man, I’ve never looked back.

I eventually started testing out their other products. I now have a tub of the quintessential 1JD blue Nivea in every single part of my life, including my purse, my desk at work, and next to my bed.

It’s not just for dry skin either. Sometimes when I’m angry, I open the tub just to smell the delicious, wholesome scent of the cream and everything becomes good again. There’s this relaxing aspect to it that sends me back to my childhood, when I was a little girl playing with my grandmother’s toiletries (the other smell is that of lemon colonya, which I somehow managed to find a picture of on the almighty World Wide Web when I searched for “كولونيا ليمون”, and I just must include it in this post. I never understood the obsession with lemon-scented cologne that our grandparents’ generation had. I still don’t understand it. But my grandma never ran out of lemon-scented cologne, and she always smelled like it too, but anyway…)

My most recent Nivea discovery is the most expensive one, at a still-modest 5.5JDs a tub: Nivea’s unfortunately-named Q10 Day Cream.

If you’re as obsessed with SPF as I am (my freckles multiply by a 1000 without SPF), you’d love it too. I actually stopped needing to layer on two different moisturizer brands AND SPF cream after I discovered Q10. It does it all. From one tub. I wish I can find a picture of the cream’s consistency, but I can’t. Just take my word for it: it’s like they somehow managed to breed butter with clouds, and it smells amazing too.

It also happens to be the first time I ever use anti-wrinkle cream. You see, I’m turning 28 this July. TWENTY-FREAKIN’-EIGHT. I still don’t have any wrinkles (I think), but I feel really old anyway, and old people should use anti-wrinkle skincare. To put that in perspective, I had just turned 19 when I started this damn blog. I was really excited about editing my “About” page to say “twenty-something”. Now I’m going to be THIRTY in a couple of years. I have to change it to “thirty-something.” Crap.

But that’s not the point. Point is, Nivea is awesome. And they’re not paying me for this. I just love their products so much that I’m willing to write this with nothing but love. Thank you, oh, Germany, for Nivea.


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  1. Sherif

    Now you deserve a reward from Nivea for this!

    I have never read a positive review for a brand and felt ok about it.

    What you are saying feels good!

  2. Haha, I wouldn’t mind a big stock of cream! :D

  3. khalidjarrar

    lemon scented calonia reminds me of grandpa, allah yir7amoh, he too smelled like that always, specially right after shaving, that generation nearly bathed in that calonia. And why do we call it calonia anyways? French maybe?

  4. UmDunya

    I loved this post – my mom put Nivea all over herself all her life. Started with a kind of watery lotion version that was around in the 1960s….then the blue tins of cream. I used to cringe at how much she rubbed into her face (being of oily skin myself) but she had the skin of a 20 year old when she was in her 70s….
    Thanks for this lovely memory….miss my mom allah yir7amha….
    Wish you long happy life with great skin!

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