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Not everything is as it seems

NGC 3314 Hubble Telescope

In the beautiful image above, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shows a rare view of a pair of overlapping galaxies, called NGC 3314. The two galaxies appear to be colliding, but they are actually separated by tens of millions of light-years, or about ten times the distance between our Milky Way and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. The chance alignment of the two galaxies, as seen from Earth, gives a unique look at the silhouetted spiral arms in the closer face-on spiral, NGC 3314A. The motion of the two galaxies indicates that they are both relatively undisturbed and that they are moving in markedly different directions.


On a Bitch of a November


From El Morabba3 Unplugged: Hada Tani المربع غير موصول – حدة تاني


  1. super devoika

    Beautiful image…
    Unfortunately, give it some time and you’ll find it going viral with a caption that says… “Praise the Lord… it is an Angel”….

  2. Hahahaha 3anjad

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