Jadal’s latest: ElMakina جدل – الماكينه

So, after quite a long wait, Jordanian band Jadal are coming back on the 29th with a new album. Today, they released the first single, “ElMakina”. I have a long history with Jadal, starting with when I first saw them play live at Champions in 2005 during the Battle of the Bands. But anyway…

“ElMakina” is a refreshing change from the Oh-I-love-you style that dominates mainstream music. Don’t get me wrong, it is a song about love, but it is a song about how love often isn’t the key, especially in our society where everything from the way you pee to who you get married to is dominated by social class, religion, and who your father knows.

هذا حالي هيك خذيني مع مصاري أو بلا
كيف مش مبالي لا أنا هيني ماشي وهيني بحرث زي الماكينة

لو قالوي أغزو بلد لقتل كتّاب الشعر وكل حامل قلم
هاي أفكار مش بس بتنكتب هاي ألحان تتغنّى لولد الولد
ولو صار و ما حد كتب ما أسهل تمحي اسم أي بلد

وحب وما بيكفيها قال وفن ما بطعميش الولاد والناس الناس شو بدها تحكي عنكوا الناس
وعرس يلبّسها ألماس وبيت بحارة هاي كلاس للناس للناس بس لنعبّي عيون الناس

I have a soft spot for angry music.

Lyrics in English (translation my own)
This is how my situation is,
Take me whether I have the money or not,
You think I’m irresponsible?
No, here I am working like a machine.
If they told me to kill every poet and every writer,
And if no one wrote anything at all,
Then it’s so easy to wipe out the name of any country.
Love isn’t enough for her,
They said art doesn’t satisfy the hungry mouths that demand feeding,
And what would people say?
And she wants a wedding with all the diamonds,
And to live in a “high class” neighborhood,
For other people.
To satisfy other people.

Music for Life | موسيقى للحياة (Samara Productions)

Those who read my blog can probably tell that I’m in uncharacteristically musical mood, so this new project by the talented Ahmad Samara came at the right time. It’s a celebration of music as a language that does not need translation.

You may remember Ahmad from three previously featured projects on AndFarAway: “Smile“, “What Would You Do Today if You Were Going to Die Tomorrow?” and Akherto Lahen Hazeen.