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How to send a designer into an infinite thought loop

Fruit salad trees with six different fruits on different branches

Amazingly, this crazy “invention” doesn’t come from Japan or China, but Australia.

The Fruit Salad Tree can be grown in the ground as for normal fruit trees, or in pots for those people with very limited space. Instead of having numerous different trees with more fruit than your household can consume there is only one tree with all of the fruits ripening naturally over a period of months. There can be more than one variety of an individual fruit on a tree, thus extending the picking time.

Fruit Salad Tree Company [Via the always-awesome Boing Boing]

What do YOU want to be?

I want to be an astronaut.

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Geotagging the Real World

What do you call the king of spam?

AndFarAway is Now Eight

Internet, this blog has now been around for eight long years of millions of words and almost daily update, and to mark this occasion, I am out of words.

Jordan Planet 5th Blogger Meet-up

In 2005, here’s what I said about the occasion of its first anniversary:

It’s all recorded, it’s all archived, it’s all documented. It can be played, over and over again. It’s me, it’s mine, but the truth is, once I press “Publish”, those little pieces of myself that formed intelligible sentences are now on the journey of forever- forever attributed to me, forever belong to the World Wide Web.

How long I’m going to do it for, how long will it continue to serve as a void deficient of functional limits and realistic boundaries, I do not know.

At the moment though, this is my canvas- devoid of reality, devoid of rules, and devoid of people who insist on making the walls purple.

And I do it because I love it.

Roba and Abed

In 2006, AndFarAway turned two:

…so it’s been two years since my first post.

I started (typically) by uploading an image that I had saved years ago and which I thought was cute (might I add to that that at that point, Blogger still didn’t have the image upload feature and I had to figure out how to link images using html).

For And Far Away, there were no hellos, there were no introductions, there were no “this is my first post”-style first posts. There was a headfirst dive into the world of blogging. Splash, splash.


In 2007, I had just graduated from the University of Jordan, and to celebrate AndFarAway’s third anniversary, I gave you a recap on the blogging scene in the Arab world:

Somehow, Eman found my blog. She commented on a photo of Amman, citing that she was really to see some photographs of Amman as she really misses it. I felt like I did someone good, and so I blogged some more. Then Isam added me to Jordan Planet, and I discovered the community-feel of blogging. Then Haitham introduced me to Firefox and gave me many blogging tips, which made it all so much easier. Then Natasha organized the first Jordanian blogger meet-up, which took blogging offline. Then blogging came popular, and Jordan Planet became bigger. Then I became a part of Toot, the first Arab blog aggregator. Then blogging became too popular, and Jordan Planet shut down. Then Khaled started Jordan Blogs, and then Mazen bought Jordan Blogs. Now we’re all wondering what the heck is Jordan Pulse, and it keeps going on and on; a never ending cycle of fast-pace change on the blogosphere.

The blogging scene is now dead. No, not just dead… it died years ago. It has already rotted out of existence.


Last year, I was quite emotional in September, and I think that was reflected in the 7th-year anniversary post:

Through friendships. Through loves found. Through health. Through growth. Through first jobs. Through joy. Through things that change the world. Through deaths. Through college. Through self discoveries. Through lots of coffee. Through career changes. Through depression. Through fresh starts. Through sickness. Through obsessions. Through loves lost. Through addictions. Through revolutions. Through good conversations. Through boredom. Through technological milestones. Through pain. Through Amman.

It’s been a while, somehow. Yet, it seems like yesterday that I celebrated its first birthday.

But it wasn’t yesterday.

It was seven long years ago.

It was a different lifetime.

A different me.

A different you.

A different world.

Indeed. A different everything.

Internet, thank you for reading.

The Last Days of Summer


Yesterday, I slept with my windows shut. I’ve been wearing a hoodie when sitting outside for around two weeks. I’m about to replace my summer sheets with thicker winter blankets. I will get my car’s heater fixed next week.

It’s the last days of summer, and while I am looking forward to the cold season, I am also reluctant to accept that another year has passed.

Now that I’m in my late 20’s, I’m starting to feel the tug of age. The years are shorter and the days pass quicker, and I’m always aware of the fact that this moment will never come again. Hard to believe that I was a month into my 19th year when I started this blog.

And now, the summer is ending.

I’ve always been a summer person, but I’ve lately begun appreciating the cosiness of winter. I like the empty streets. I like the smell of the rain. I like the fact that most people choose to stay at home (making life easier for those of us who never remain indoors, regardless of the season). I even like winter fruits.

Maybe these things reflect the fact that I’m growing older? Probably.

Yet regardless, fall is a pretty season. I’ll never forget my first fall in 2003 at the University of Jordan. Nine years on, I still catch myself in moments of minor shock at the fact that there really are four seasons in this world, and that it’s not just Hollywood’s way of making life look pretty (or scary, depending on their marketing purposes).


On Octover

How to Be Happy in Five Easy Steps

  1. Deeply and honestly understand that you are insignificant in the cosmic scale of things. Your little problems do not mean anything.

  2. Always keep in mind that you are going to die soon.

  3. Develop the ability to ignore things you can’t control.

  4. Realize that magic is something YOU make, and that only boring people are bored. You need to let the little things that ordinarily bore you start to thrill you.

  5. Society is stupid. Poop on society.

Want Very Much: GPS Dorothy Shoes

These are possibly the coolest pair of shoes I’ve ever seen in my life. Created by Dominic Wilcox, these shoes make can help you navigate to anywhere you wish to travel to, in a Wizard of Oz kind-of-way. You know how Dorothy could click her shoes together to go home?

You upload your destination and the GPS, which is embedded in the heel, is activated by a heel click. It then communicates to the wearer via a ring of LED lights to point in the required direction. The shoe with the GPS wirelessly communicates with the right shoe that has a progress bar of lights to show how close you are to the destination. The prototypes are built using Arduino.


My heart.

Revenge of the Design Nerds

How to Piss Off Your Designer Friends and Give Them a Migrane

from via

The World is so big


This is a tiny part of the coolest XKCD comic in ages. You have to see it here:

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